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WhatsApp backtracks and withdraws its privacy changes, for now until May

After the commotion caused by the WhatsApp privacy notice, and the routing of users to applications such as Signal or Telegram, the platform owned by Facebook has decided to reverse postponing data exchange with parent company to improve Facebook services. WhatsApp will delay such changes until May; period that you will take advantage of to offer clarifications to your users.

Few movements of WhatsApp caused the outrage of its users as the last privacy notice that appeared when opening the application. Said notice, which all those who use the messaging platform have surely seen, warned of a greater exchange of data between WhatsApp and its parent, Facebook. This novelty in data processing never affected European users, but there is no doubt that having a notice and the obligation to accept did not help the changes to be understood. WhatsApp has decided to retract after noting it.

WhatsApp removes the latest privacy policy from its website

WhatsApp Terms Privacy Privacy notice that has aroused controversy on WhatsApp

As we said, the messaging platform has had to retract after the commotion organized by the famous privacy notice with the obligation to accept the changes before February 8. The latest version of the conditions has been reactivated on the WhatsApp privacy page: April 24, 2018 for Europe and July 20, 2020 for non-European users. The change reflecting a higher volume of data shared between WhatsApp and Facebook (for non-European users) is no longer listed.

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WhatsApp has not only withdrawn the latest versions of its privacy policy, it also published an article on its website clarifying that the period for the entry into force of the privacy changes will be extended. Specifically, from the previous February 8 it goes to May 15; date when the new options for companies will be updated.

The privacy notice will appear gradually once WhatsApp has taken "a series of measures to clear up misinformation regarding the way privacy and security work."

WhatsApp will not delete or suspend any account of those who have not yet accepted the privacy notice, although they will have to accept it once the privacy terms have been updated (it is to be hoped that said notice will not appear again to those who did accept it, but it is not safe). And always keeping in mind that European users neither share nor share data with Facebook to improve their platform.

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