What it is and everything you can do with this system

Do you want to know everything about Android TV? In this guide we explain what it is, how to have a TV with Android TV and its best apps and functions.

Android TV is an operating system for televisions developed by Google that can give a new life to the TV you have at home. Although it has gained popularity in recent years, there are still many people who do not know what this system is for and how they can use it.

That ignorance is going to end with this complete guide on Android TV, in which we explain what it is and what it is for, how can you have android tv, and which are they its best apps and functions to get the most out of this great Google invention.

Without further delay, we get fully into Android TV to tell you everything you need to know about him.

Android TV

Learn what Android TV is and how you can have this system on your TV.

What is Android TV and what is it for?

Android TV is the version of the Android operating system developed by Google specifically for televisions. In this way, you can enjoy a smart TV and all its advantages, such as watching your favorite series on apps like Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video.

And is that with Android TV you can use on your TV some of the apps that you use on your mobile by downloading them from the same place, the Play Store that you will find within the system. So you can access the applications mentioned above and also others like YouTube, Spotify and games like BombSquad, Final Fantasy or Asphalt 8: Airborne. All of them have been adapted for you to use on your television.

Also, having Android TV you can use the Google Assistant with your voice, navigate between the content in a simple and intuitive way and stream content from your mobile to the TV, as it has Chromecast integrated.

In short, Android TV is an operating system for televisions that allows you to enjoy on this device extensive entertainment options thanks to apps that you can install. Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and games like Crossy Road are some of them, although later we will expand and recommend the best apps to install on Android TV.

How can I have Android TV?

After knowing what Android TV is and what it is for, it is time to find out how you can have it on your TV. There are two options: buy a TV with integrated Android TV or connect a TV or stick with Android TV to your non-smart TV.

Then, We recommend the best televisions with Android TV and the best TV Box and sticks for you to choose between all of them. Depending on your particular needs, the ideal purchase will be one or the other.

Buy a TV with integrated Android TV

If you have to buy a new TV, what better way to have the Android TV system already incorporated. Currently, it is easy to find TVs with Android TV on the market, for example, Xiaomi TVs, since all TVs from the manufacturer arrive with Android TV 9.0.

As we saw in the analysis of the 55-inch Xiaomi Mi TV 4S TV, Android TV offers a smooth and intuitive experience with a remarkable performance, and it is one of the advantages that play in favor of the purchase of this television.

Another manufacturer that has bet heavily on Android TV is Sony, one of the first to include this operating system and with several models in the current market that make it up. To highlight some of them, we recommend the 43 ″ Sony XH81 TV -with 4K resolution- and the Sony XF75 series, where you can find the 43 ″, 49 ″, 55 ″ and 65 ″ TV.

The Phillips brand also has some televisions with Android TVsuch as the 58 ″ Philips Perfomance Series and the Philips 55OLED804 / 12 TV, with 4K OLED screen, HDR10 + and Ambilight.

There are several TV manufacturers that already have Android TV in their new models, so you just have to look at this aspect when you go to buy a new television if you want to access all the wide entertainment possibilities that this Google system offers you.

Connect a TV Box or stick with Android TV to a TV that does not have it

If your television does not have Android TV, but you do not want to buy a new one that has it integrated, the best solution is that connect a TV Box or stick with Android TV. These devices add Android TV to your non-smart TV, greatly expanding its functionality.

Among the best Android TV Box stand out the Xiaomi Mi TV Boxwhat can you buy for about 70 euros; the Android TV Box T9, with a price of around 30 euros, and the Android TV Box 10, which is around 40 euros.

Between the best sticks with Android TV We find the Mi TV Stick, for a price that revolves around 40 euros, the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, for about 35 euros, and the NVIDIA Shield TV, for 160 euros and with compatibility with 4K, HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR.

Both the TV Box and the stick with Android TV they integrate this operating system into your TV when you connect it. Thus, even if it is not smart, you can watch series on the Netflix and HBO apps, watch videos on YouTube, listen to music on Spotify or play your favorite games.

What popular apps are on Android TV?

Android TV

These are the best free apps that you can install on your Android TV and TV Box.

I have already told you on several occasions about some of the apps that you can install on Android TV to get the most out of this device on your TV. Netflix, Spotify, HBO, YouTube, Google Chrome or Twitch are the best known, but there are other free apps for Android TV and TV Box that you should know.

First of all, if the Android TV launcher doesn't convince you, you can give the system another look by downloading apps like Square Home Launcher and Simple TV Launcher. Then, to manage the files you have well, we recommend using a browser like X-plore File Manager.

If you want to play content that you have downloaded on the device itself, you can download players known as VLC and MX Player from the Play Store, with which you can play files of different formats, such as MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, Ogg, FLAC, TS, and M2TS.

Finally, if you want to protect your privacy, you can also install the app on Android TV and TV Box TunnelBear VPN, to avoid geographic limitations when accessing websites from other countries.

5 things you can do with Android TV

As we have talked in previous lines, Android TV opens the doors to a huge world of entertainment through your television. One of the main things you can do with this operating system is watch your favorite series and movies on apps like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video or Disney +.

In addition, with Android TV you can also stream content from your mobile to the TVas it has Chromecast built in. Thus, you can show the content of your mobile to other people in a big way on the TV screen.

As we have also mentioned above, on Android TV you can download games, so one of its most outstanding functions is this. Asphalt 8 and Final Fantasy IX are some of the most outstanding titles that you can enjoy on your television with this operating system.

As on your Android mobile, on Android TV or TV Box you can also surf the internet with browsers like Google Chrome or Puffin TV, and thus access any website when you need it.

Finally, and as you will need to write on more than one occasion, you can use your mobile as a keyboard for your television with Android TV. We all know that the remote control is not the most comfortable device when you have to write, so we recommend connect your mobile and write from it, for example, when you are going to use the browser to do a search.

Android TV is a very complete system for televisions, so we encourage you to give it a try, either by buying a TV with integrated Android TV or through a TV Box or stick for your TV. So you can try all the functions we have talked about, and many more than Android TV hides.