What is Clubhouse, the exclusive audio-only social network

Find out all about Clubhouse, a super exclusive audio social network that celebrities are using.

In recent years, the streaming content and podcasts have been great protagonists in the arena of world entertainment. The platforms dedicated to the distribution of this content are dominating the market and it is not by mere chance.

But what if we mix both scenarios? It is there where it arrives Club House, a social network that is focused on voice streaming and that already exceeds one million active users. If you want to know more about this platform and how you can be part of it, keep reading all the information that we bring you.

What is Clubhouse the exclusive audio-only social network

What is Clubhouse, the exclusive audio-only social network

What exactly is Clubhouse and what can you do in it?

We said that Club House combined the streaming content and podcasts, creating a hybrid between both formats. We could say that it is a Twitch but clearly audio.

What is Clubhouse exactly and what can be done in it

Clubhouse is the most popular voice chat app of the moment

The idea was born in 2020 from the hand of Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth and is focused on the creation of “rooms”, which are chat rooms where participants can talk about any topic without any limitation, so it is totally ephemeral.

Clubhouse for Android: when will it be available?

For now, the platform is designed to catch the sound directly from the microphone of the phone or the headphones, either cable or Bluetooth without prioritizing the audio quality, which makes it a more casual and natural interaction without so much "preparation".

Can you only interact by voice?

As we mentioned, it is a social network specialized in content streaming in audio format, so there is no possibility of obtaining another type of interaction.

This makes it very specialized in the type of public that accesses this social network (apart from other aspects that we will comment on later), so it is a way of directly filter content.

One of the sections that has attracted the most attention around Club House is that it bears great similarity to one of the projects that Twitter is working on and that is related to the podcast-style streaming content.

How can I enter the Clubhouse?

It is currently a very exclusive social network And by this we do not mean that it is only for content in audio format, but the only way to access it is through a personalized invitation to be sent by a member who is already on the platform.

Can only interact by voice

This is what the Clubhouse interface looks like

However, there is another option and it is through enrollment in the waiting list to reserve your username. This, without forgetting that it is currently in a beta phase and is only available for iOS users.

Is so much exclusivity good or bad? Everything will depend on the approach that is seen. It may be a excellent alternative for attract specialized public, since being within this social network, you know very well with the type of content that you are going to find.

In addition, it can be a very effective channel to rub shoulders with experts in different areas and celebrities (because many live within Club House) and may be a good option.

When will it reach all users?

At the moment, the platform is in a Beta phase, that is, it is under development. Besides, it is only available for iOS And for now, the creators of this application have just confirmed that Clubhouse will be coming to all Android terminals very soon.

It is currently unknown when it will be available to anyone or other operating systems, although when this occurs it could result in an amazing tool for many people, since the possibilities it offers are endless.

To give an example, it would be ideal to provide online classes, conferences, forums and many more options, where the speaker (s) can teach knowledge and information, while there is a moderator who controls the interaction of the participants to clarify doubts, better explain their subject or give participation in the subject.

What famous people are using it?

So far there are various celebrities and celebrities who have gathered within this platform. Although, initially only a few Silicon Valley influencers had the privilege of being in it, today personalities such as: Drake, Tiffany Haddish, Jared Leto, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Rock or Oprah, among others have been part of Club House.

What famous people are using it

Celebrities are also using the new Clubhouse audio social network

And it is that, according to its own creators, “Clubhouse is a new kind of voice-based network. When you open the app, you can see 'rooms' full of people talking, all open so you can come and go, exploring different conversations. You enter each room as an audience member, but if you want to speak, simply raise your hand and the speakers can choose to invite you. Or you can create your own room. It is a place to meet friends and new people from all over the world, to tell stories, ask questions, debate, learn and have impromptu conversations on thousands of different topics ”.

This app allows you to have one of the best functions of Android 11 on any mobile

Knowing a little about this new social network that is on everyone's lips and that will surely continue to give something to talk about in the future, would you be interested in being part of it?

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