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VERO, the social network that went from promising real relationships, zero algorithms and privacy to dealing with #DeleteVero, has been renewed

Almost three years ago, in February 2018, Nowadays, a social network that arrived promising total disruption broke out: VERO.

This new platform came wanting to be a mirror of our personal relationships with friends and acquaintances, ensuring not to use any type of algorithm, offering privacy and, also, zero ads. He was born years before, in July 2015, but it was not news or popular until then.

VERO 2.0 arrives fresh and quiet with voice calls, video calls, revamped chat, new types of posts and bookmarks

The happiness for those responsible, who claimed not to have created "a revolutionary social network; only one that we wanted to use," did not last long..

One month after making headlines around the world for his novel concept In the world of social platforms, a movement that promoted the removal of the application from our phones was making headlines, #DeleteVero. The supposed past of its founder, Ayman Hariri, pointed out by the poor working conditions that companies linked to him would have provided their workers, and the difficulties in deleting the user account motivated this revolt in the networks and probably, its oblivion.

VERO 2.0, a new attempt at the "true" social network

VERO video call interface.

Video calling interface in VERO 2.0. / VERO

About three years after that sudden popularity and immediate subsequent fall from grace, VERO 2.0 arrives, a remarkable renovation from the platform in his attempt to return to what he once almost seemed to be.

The update was released in December, being announced through various tweets on the VERO Twitter account, but it has not been until now that the social network has notified its "founding members", that first million registered users who were promised free use for life, its rebirth.

Of course, they continue to invite users for free and, for now, practically nothing is known about their subscription model.

VERO arrives with a major interface change and, above all, with new features and approaches designed to match the big competitors while looking for differentiation.

As a great novelty, VERO offers voice and video calls promising superior quality

A sample of the new VERO interface.

Video calling interface in VERO 2.0. / VERO

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The new version of VERO includes "clear" voice and video calls with multiple connections that promise to be encrypted in the near future, new types of publications that allow us to continue sharing the content we consume (such as movies, games, TV shows, books ...), bookmarks to save the most prominent publications and an improved chat with the ability to share content such as that which is shared publicly.

VERO 2.0, on the other hand, now wants to focus especially on the discovery of creators and the empowerment of musical artists. In fact, in this sense, he has created a record label called VERO Music.

With it, he aims to support artists with creative freedom to make their vision come true; all with "commercial transparency", they say, with the aim of building sustainable careers.

VERO is focused on the discovery of creators, even beyond its own platform as evidenced by its Twitter profile, and in supporting musical artists

For the rest, the platform that at the time seemed like it was going to revolutionize the social media scene, continues to highlight the characteristics that at the time were worth arousing the curiosity, at least, of users.

We are talking about a chronology without algorithms that prioritize one content over another, segmentable publications between close friends, friends, acquaintances or the public, the alleged reliability of suggesting recommendations only based on the recommendations of the contacts that each one has in VERO and, above all, the promise of privacy.

It remains to be seen if this second attempt to regain a foothold in the social media market works. For now the relaunch is being much more discreet than its irruption in the media landscape in 2018.