Twitter has suspended more than 70,000 accounts of the movement and Amazon withdraws 'merchandising'

Twitter has permanently suspended 70,000 accounts that were mainly dedicated to sharing QAnon content, a conspiracy theory that is sweeping Donald Trump's followers.

"These accounts were dedicated to sharing harmful content associated with QAnon to scale and were primarily engaged in the propagation of this conspiracy theory throughout the service, " they affirm from the social network. The suspensions have caused many accounts to suffer a decline in the number of followers, as conservative US politicians have warned.

"These accounts were dedicated to sharing harmful content associated with QAnon at scale," argues Twitter

Amazon, meanwhile, has begun recall QAnon-related products for sale a few hours after causing the social network to which supporters of the outgoing US president, Parler, were migrating, to stop working by shutting down the servers he was using because, says Jeff Bezos' company, "it cannot effectively identify and remove content that encourages or incites violence against others ".

QAnon, present at the assault on the Capitol

The decision that Twitter has taken regarding the accounts linked to the QAnon movement are part of the measures taken to protect the social network from "attempts to incite violence, organize attacks and share deliberately misleading information about the outcome of the elections", have explained those of Jack Dorsey. Facebook already took action against Qanon months ago.

They emphasize that it is important to "be transparent" in these matters since Joe Biden's inauguration date is approaching and the safety of the act is a serious concern at this time. A reinforcement of security has been planned, among other reasons, after the FBI warning about possible armed riots if Trump is removed from office.

Amazon was singled out for selling QAnon-related products days after Capitol storming

QAnon: the crazy conspiracy theory sweeping through Trump supporters

QAnon, in fact, was the protagonist in the assault on the Capitol. Several of the assailants carried related symbols and one of the ones that attracted the most attention, "Q Shaman", has become the paradigm of everything that surrounds conspiracy theory.

Regarding Amazon, the company argues that it has occurred with the sale of products related to QAnon a violation of policies that prohibit trading offensive items or inappropriate content. A few days ago, after the incidents in Washington, criticisms emerged on social networks that pointed to the existence of articles with the theory logo and books related to it on the electronic commerce platform.