Twitch removes PogChamp's' emote 'after the assault on the United States Capitol and Gootecks' reaction

One of the emotes most used Twitch when a surprising or exciting situation occurs it is the one that stars Ryan "'Gootecks' Gutierrez, a popular player of Street fighter, and which is known as PogChamp.

A reaction that, according to the platform, has been removed and cannot be used for now after what happened yesterday afternoon in Washington, United States, with the assault on the Capitol by supporters of Trumps after a demonstration and the interruption of the formal confirmation of the triumph of President-elect Joe Biden.

"We cannot conscientiously continue to allow the use of the image"

Controversial statements by the protagonist

Through several tweets, from Twitch they have explained that they have eliminated the reaction after some comments from Gootecks, the protagonist of the reaction. "We have made the decision to eliminate the emote of PogChamp after the statements of the face behind that encourage more violence after what happened in the Capitol today, "they say.

In one of the tweets, the platform says that the meaning of the emote it goes beyond the person represented or the image itself and that they want it to continue to be used for the value it has within the Twitch culture, but "we cannot conscientiously continue to allow the use of the image." And they promise to work with the community to design a new reaction equivalent.

From Twitch they believe that Gootecks ​​comments "encourage more violence" after what happened in the Capitol

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Ryan 'Gootecks' Gutierrez posted several tweets about recent unprecedented events in Washington and, in one of them, wondered the following: "Will there be civil unrest over the woman who was executed today in the Capitol or #MAGAMartyr [etiqueta dedicada a la mujer que murió por un disparo en el interior del Capitolio] Will he die in vain? "

Twitch's decision has not been alone. Other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram have acted in relation to the riots and the assault on the building that houses the two houses of the United States Congress temporarily blocking Donald Trump's account with the threat of permanently suspending it if the infractions of its rules of use continue.