Turn for the Samsung Galaxy S21 +, which also passes repairability in its first 'teardown'

PBKreviews dismantles Samsung's Galaxy S21 + and has a verdict: remarkable in repairability, although its rear camera makes glass removal difficult.

A couple of days ago the PBKreviews channel on YouTube published the first teardown of the Galaxy S21 with its rear of 'glastic', confirming that indeed Samsung had done a great job of facilitating repairs and component substitutions in its new range flagship.

In fact, those responsible for the channel scored 7.5 out of 10 the ease of repair of the Galaxy S21, emphasizing the quality of the plastic back and how easy it was to replace its battery, something that is now extrapolated to the Samsung Galaxy S21 + to which He had to go through the exploded table with the change in its frosted glass back.

Samsung Galaxy S21 + teardown from PBKreviews

An inside look at the Samsung Galaxy S21 +, already without its Gorilla Glass Victus suit.

Like its little brother it seems that the Galaxy S21 with a surname 'Plus' it is also a very simple mobile to open and repair, achieving a notable although in his case with 7 points out of 10, lowering the rating by half a point because of its rear photographic module, since glass shapes complicate removal a little more.

You can now see the guts of the Samsung Galaxy S21 and its approved in repairability

A curiosity of the video: the 'single SIM' models also mount two nano-SIM readers of the same size as the 'double SIM' models, but it will not be enough to change the removable media because the secondary reader is deactivated by software in the 'single models 'of the Galaxy S21.

There are no new elements or a construction particularly different from what we already saw in the Galaxy S21, because much of the hardware and platform are shared between the three models of the family, maintaining a quite similar conception and assembly.

By having a flat screen, like the S21, it is not attached to the panel so there are critical aspects when it comes to replacing it in case of breakage, and the problems described are limited only to the rear glass, which is a little more complex to extract without damaging it given the shapes by the main chamber, that the casing of 'glastic' very flexible and resistant of the S21.

The only interesting aspect of this video, which is also different from the one we saw previously, is the confirmation that This version is dual-SIM and maintains exactly the same SIM holder sizes and the same slots single-SIM model, although be careful because here is bad news, well secondary nano-SIM reader is software disabled and it will not work to change the SIM support to be able to use two cards in one model 'single'.

For the rest, the same comments apply as in the video of the Galaxy S21, so we leave the link here for you to review the article, in case you still have any questions about the good job Samsung with the construction and assembly of its new high-end, the best in this sense in recent years ... Certainly good news, at least for those of you who are thinking of buying a Galaxy S21!

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