Trump plans to launch his own social network in the midst of the technological offensive against the platforms used by his followers

Social networks have played a central role in these four years of the presidency of Donald Trump, having been Trump's favorite channels to make several high-profile announcements, as well as the protagonists of many of his advertising campaigns.

Yet in recent weeks, with Trump officially defeated by the Democratic nomination, both Twitter and Facebook and other large Internet companies have revolted against the president and his followers.

So in these last days, they have gone stripping them of their accounts and forums, or boycotting access to apps more explicitly targeted at the conservative public; which has motivated Trump to threaten to launch their own online platform, where Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg cannot "censor" the conservative message.

First came the permanent suspension of Trump's Facebook / Instagram and Twitter accounts. Then, Google closed Steve Bannon's (alt-right activist, and former Donald Trump campaign manager) channel on YouTube, Reddit did the same with the r / DonaldTrump forum, and Discord followed suit with channel.

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And finally, of course, it is what happened in the last hours with Parler.

What happened to Parler?

Parler is a microblogging service launched in August 2018 that, with its rival Gab progressively occupying Facebook's niche, tries to be 'the Twitter' of the nascent American cyberconservative ecosystem.

Although we might think that it is just another minority platform, from the umpteenth "Twitter to [inserte aquí su grupo demográfico favorito]", Parler finished the past 2020 occupying the tenth position in the ranking of mobile apps of most downloaded social networks.

Most of these downloads took place immediately after the presidential elections, when Twitter and Facebook began to censor accounts and groups that defended the existence of electoral fraud; at that time, downloads were up 323% compared to the previous weeks.

However, on January 8, the controversial American progressive leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez I asked for explanations to Apple and Google on the fact that this app could still be downloaded from the Play Store and the App Store.

And, throughout this weekend, has disappeared from the two big mobile app stores. Google justified itself by claiming that its policies require that apps hosted on its store

"Put in place strong moderation systems that remove offensive content such as posts that incite violence."

"In light of this continuing and urgent threat to public safety, we will suspend the publication of the application on the Play Store until these issues are resolved."

According to the search engine company, Parler would have ignored multiple previous warnings in that sense. Despite these statements, Parler has deleted in recent days several messages that encouraged violence against people.


However, just 24 hours later, Apple was following the lead of its competitor: Parler disappeared from the App Store precisely while rising to the position of the most downloaded free app in all categories. Apple's argument followed the example of Google's:

"We have received numerous complaints about questionable content on your Parler service, allegations that the Parler app was used to plan, coordinate and facilitate illegal activities in Washington DC [...] The app also appears to continue to be used to plan new illegal activities. "

John Matze, CEO of Parler, was blunt in his response, stating that Parler is not without a policy of restraint of content, but it simply does not 'limp' on the same footing as Apple and Google:

"We have always applied and will apply our rules against violence and illegal activities. But we will NOT give in to politically motivated companies and authoritarians who hate free speech."

However, Parler's hours are counted: although it is still possible to install the application on Android by downloading the APK file from its website, Amazon itself has announced that it will proceed to take Parler's servers offline, which were hosted on your AWS service.

Apparently, the decision of Jeff Bezos' company is based on no more than 98 publications by Parler users that "encouraged violence", a controversial argument, since it could also serve to 'disconnect' from the Internet one of the largest clients of Amazon (Twitter).

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In any case, everything that happened with Parler powerfully recalls the ordeal suffered by Gab Three years ago, when he was banned in a few days by his hosting provider (Joyent), his blogging platform (Medium), his domain registrar (GoDaddy), his payment processors (Stripe and PayPal) and his service of ecommerce (Shopify), all after having also been expelled from app stores.

Today, Gab stays online thanks to having your own online infrastructure and not depend only on third-party services. Thanks to that, you have seen how increased its traffic by 750% during this weekend.

A conservative Twitter?


Faced with the situation, Trump tweeted several messages denouncing that the big social networks were censoring half the country, suppressing free speech and "promoting a radical leftist agenda."

These messages were quickly censored by Twitter, after which blocked (in an unprecedented decision) the US President's access to the account who was using, which was not the already inactive @realDonaldTrump, but the institutional @POTUS (acronym for 'President of the United States').

However, the most relevant of those messages already suppressed was that for the first time it put on the table the possibility of launch your own social network to 'bridge' to Facebook and Twitter:

"For a long time I predicted this would happen. We have been negotiating with several other sites, and we will have a big announcement soon, while also looking at the possibilities of building our own platform in the near future. We will not be SILENCED!"

He added that, as much as it is a private company, the truth is that Twitter "would no longer exist" without the "government gift" that the controversial 'Section 230' entailed, which Allows social networks to selectively delete messages without taking legal responsibility for those who choose to keep them online; a regulation that he himself tried to suppress during his last months in office.