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'Toxicity out, bad vibe out' is Ibai's musical anthem the internet needed by 2021

If you ask what characterizes the Internet in recent years, many people will put toxicity in social networks as the highest. Sadly, we have become accustomed to the fact that, with themes that go far beyond controversies such as politics, there is constant conflict, even for the most insignificant.

Tired of all that, during one of his streams on Twitch, Ibai uttered a magical phrase "Toxicity out, bad vibe out". Tired of being told about statistics and how that affects and of having public figures like Neymar on his channel, the Basque streamer wanted to settle the controversy andexplaining that what he wants is to enjoy what he does, "be with his people, watching Oscar cook salmon" and "play Among Us".

He added that the "Statistics issue is already causing toxicity", and that he doesn't care about numbers to some extent, like he's TOP-500 on Twitch, as long as that still means being able to live well with his mates at home, as well as helping his family.

These words, along with others such as "you call me fat, I shake your hand", "I am not amused, I shake your hand", were compiled by Lucas Requena, an artist who made a song called 'The Ibai Quartet'. It was a great success and now they have improved it with the instrumental help of OrtoPilot and Ibai himself, who has now sung it.


Why 'The Ibai Quartet' is a necessary song for today's Internet

Ibai Bad Vibra

Ibai is highly influential in today's Hispanic Internet, at least in one specific demographic. In this context we were talking about, for a person with so much public to talk in that way about toxicity and how to respond to personal attacks in a peaceful and even passive way is great news. Shake hands if they call you fat or bald it may be a modern version of the "turning the other cheek" of Jesus Christ (which doesn't mean they take advantage of you).

As the streamer explains, toxicity is something present not only in personal relationships between Internet characters, but also it's inside us internally when we obsess over numbers. It is not something trivial, because currently there is an obsession with the number of likes, views or followers. And it haunts even people who have reached the top and do not need more to live. Is a destructive maelstrom ranging from those who have 10 followers to those who have millions and earn a very good living with it.

Ibai Llanos, or how the esports nerd went from the niche to being one of the most famous internet characters in Spain

Another very interesting point is how, with a certain sarcasm, Ibai highlights the work of AuronPlay, a "rival" on the platform. What many people still do not consider work, Ibai highlights that:

"Auronplay is number 1 on Twitch. There is no one who moves so many people like him. He gets with those hairs he has. Just look at how he's combed. It's disgusting, he sits up, half asleep. And he has a hundred thousand people talking about a tree. Nobody does that. "

As we said, there are certain joke attacks on Auron, like the hairstyle he has. However, what I at least extract from the message is appreciate that AuronPlay is able to communicate and entertain so well that even if it talks about trees, it has 100,000 people attentive to what he says in a random Twitch session. I think it is something that explains the value of such an activity in 2021, for those who still do not understand it.

Finally, Ibai throws another message about what what he likes is to enjoy such trivial things as "being with his people watching Oscar cook salmon" or "sleep peacefully with my dog." Parts of the day and everyday events that are far from what is usually talked about on Twitch or YouTube and that in many cases are not valued in their fair measure. Good vibes needed, in short.