Today's mid-range, or yesterday's high-end?

We compare the two most attractive phones by price and performance of OnePlus, the new Nord mid-range and its previous flagship, the OnePlus 7T, which continues to compete very well ... Which is better?

Finally the 2020 course was the most important for OnePlus in its short history, and for the first time in its eight years of life, the Chinese manufacturer of 'Never Settle' dared to expand his portfolio of smartphones and accessories with the OnePlus Buds Z, your headphones true-wireless, beside a new OnePlus Nord family more affordable and more attractive to most users.

In fact, it is that the OnePlus Nord has put in serious bind not only to the noble range of 2019, like the successful OnePlus 7T, but even also the flagship killers from 2020, like a OnePlus 8T that, as we saw in previous comparisons, now has harder than ever to justify the extra cost before the pleasant experience of using the best mid-range.

OnePlus Nord vs OnePlus 7T

The eternal doubt with OnePlus flavor, is a OnePlus Nord better than a previous 'flagship' like the OnePlus 7T?

Obviously for us, the users, and also for the competition in the market, it's good that OnePlus has multiplied its optionsAlthough that means that making a decision about the best OnePlus smartphone to buy is more complicated.

Don't worry anyway, because for those of you who are looking the best OnePlus in terms of quality / price ratio We are going to try to unravel ourselves, from Andro4all, all the details of both the OnePlus 7T as from OnePlus Nord in an in-depth comparison that will allow you to choose, with all the necessary information and with the maximum guarantees, which of the smartphones best suits your needs... Shall we start with the analysis?

OnePlus attacked the mid-range for the first time with its Nord, a modern and high-quality smartphone, even with 5G connectivity, which nevertheless loses in the comparison in some details with the OnePlus 7T, 'flagship killer' of 2019, which continues to have travel.

OnePlus reissues the great doubt with its first mid-range, is it worth it compared to a top of the range from the previous year?

Well, the first thing to analyze between the two devices is that they are effectively two terminals with the same OnePlus DNA, although the differences between them are palpable starting with their design and construction, with different materials and conceptions already starting.

The OnePlus Nord is more modern and measures 158.3 x 73.3 x 8.2 millimeters, weighing just 184 grams aided by the plastic material of its chassis, which saves costs and gains lightness. Mount a Gorilla Glass 5 glass on the front, yes, where we will see a hole in screen for double camera, and at its rear, which houses a quadruple photo module in linear arrangement.

For his part the OnePlus 7T bets on the classic glass and metal sandwich, setting two Gorilla Glass 5 crystals that leave space for a notch frontal in the form of a drop of water, already a triple camera system in a rather interesting circular arrangement. In your case, it measures 160.9 x 74.4 x 8.1 millimeters and weighs 190 grams.

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The screen is identical in both cases, except for one 6.55-inch diagonal on OnePlus 7T by 6.44-inch on OnePlus Nord, opting both models for the technology Fluid AMOLED 90Hz and with HDR10 +, in addition to an FHD + resolution (2,400 x 1,080 pixels) and densities above 400 pixels per inch.

Android 10 also coincides with OxygenOS, upgradable to Android 11 in both cases, but animated by different hardware and with different pretensions. In fact, the OnePlus 7T opts for a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ high-performance, while the OnePlus Nord stays with the Snapdragon 765G which was the star of the best mid-range in 2020, with its 5G SA / NSA modem.

The basic RAM memory is in both cases 8 GB, more than enough, and there are 128GB and 256GB non-expandable options also on both devices. The difference is in the technology and its performance, because the OnePlus 7T has UFS 3.0, faster, instead of the UFS 2.1 of the OnePlus Nord.

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The connectivity is also similar, although Here the OnePlus Nord wins by offering 5G, something that those who opt for the OnePlus 7T will not be able to enjoy. Otherwise, dual band WiFi in both, Bluetooth LE, aGPS with support for multiple satellite networks, NFC and USB Type-C with OTG functionality, although on the OnePlus 7T it is USB v3.1 while on the OnePlus Nord it is USB v2.0.

It is identical integrated, optical and very fast fingerprint reader in both cases, and the Warp Charge 30T technology that allows recharge both devices with up to 30W of power recovering up to 70% in just 30 minutes.

Change the battery, with more capacity in the OnePlus Nord, 4,115 mAh, for the 3,800 mAh of the OnePlus 7T, which however with its 4G connectivity surely performs a little better.

What are the differences in mobile photography?

As you have seen, many hardware differences in two devices with different conceptions, one destined to compete in the most performance range and another that is content to attack the mid-range from the best specifications that a mid-range can offer. Somewhere there had to be the Nord family's cost reduction, no doubt.

Separately, we must always talk about their cameras, obviously a differential aspect, and in this case it shows us more sensors in the OnePlus Nord although less usable when offering functionality, since two of them have a fairly relative quality.

Here we leave you the complete analysis of both photographic modules, and you value:

OnePlus 7TOnePlus Nord
48 MP wide (f / 1.6), PDAF, OIS48 MP wide (f / 1.8), PDAF, OIS
12 MP telephoto (f / 2.2), PDAF, 2x optical zoom8 MP ultrawide (f / 2.3), 119º
16 MP ultrawide (f / 2.2), AF2 MP macro (f / 2.4)
-5 MP depth (f / 2.4)
Dual LED flash, HDR, 4K @ 60fps video, slow motion, gyro-EISDual LED flash, HDR, 4K @ 30fps video, gyro-EIS

Obviously In the OnePlus 7T we see three different, versatile and functional sensors, one standard, one ultra wide angle and the other telephoto, with 2x optical zoom, bokeh and autofocus on all of them.

On the OnePlus Nord We can take advantage of the standard and ultra wide angle very well, but the other two sensors seem auxiliary, one to analyze the depth and another for the macro, no optical zoom or much more toppings.

On the front, the OnePlus 7T has a 16 megapixel camera with f / 2.0 aperture and a 25mm-equivalent lens, leaving for the OnePlus Nord a double camera 32 MP with f / 2.5 aperture along with another 8 MP sensor and f / 2.5 aperture that has a 105º lens.

OnePlus Nord vs OnePlus 7T, which one to choose and which one should you buy?

The truth is that it is about a complicated comparison, and if the doubt is eternal it is because it has always been difficult to answer. In fact, in the prices and the claims of each one will be the correct option, so it is yourselves who in this case are going to have to make decisions.

Obviously there will be an extra cost on the OnePlus 7T, but it is that despite being a flagship killer of 2019 this device still has a long way to go and it will offer better features and more power than the OnePlus Nord.

However, being a more modern mobile, the mid-range of OnePlus is allowed to offer 5G connectivity and update certain details, always with concessions to lower costs like plastic, UFS 2.0 memories or less versatile cameras.

So it seems that this time, what I have clearer is that there is no clear winner, because the experience will be very satisfactory in both and only certain details will tip the balance, especially costs and expectations of the future user.

If you want raw power and a device according to the best on the market, with a more careful mobile photography, yours is the OnePlus 7T, which can be bought for around 500 euros in these times and with more than a year in the market.

Conversely, the OnePlus Nord is a more balanced and more modern smartphone, the only one with 5G connectivity that can already be a line, and without major concessions for a rushed experience that will make the vast majority happy of Android users.

If I have to choose one, For price, experience and times I would surely choose the OnePlus Nord, although both are such good options that I can only say it with a small mouth, summoning you to You yourselves review our analysis of both devices so that you value with even more details:

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