to start a new session it is necessary to unlock with your fingerprint

WhatsApp starts a new security system that prevents the start of a new session on the web or in the application for computers if fingerprint is not used as unlock. This not only makes it difficult for someone to usurp the WhatsApp session, it also paves the way for future multi-device use.

A new change officially begins in the most used messaging application in the world: WhatsApp Web and the application for computers make it harder for anyone to usurp a user's session. From now on it will be necessary to unlock with the fingerprint to log into a new device, a measure that is already being expanded to all mobile phones.

An extra security for WhatsApp Web


The novelty is expanding to all users of the famous messaging application, as long as they use the beta and the stable app. This was announced by WhatsApp itself in their social networks, the help website has also been updated.

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From now on, to log in to the web or the computer app it will be necessary to authorize access through the biometric system that the mobile has. That is, it will be necessary to put the fingerprint as a previous step to read the QR code; or use face unlock if the phone is an iPhone or Android mobile with 3D facial recognition. In the event that the device lacks said biometric system, the web login system will not offer changes.

With biometric authentication WhatsApp is preparing so that we can use the same account on several devices. The change comes with the new web login interface, an interface that has been in WhatsApp beta for a few weeks. Of course, we do not know when the multi-device use will be activated: for now, what is already between us is the obligation to use the fingerprint when starting WhatsApp Web. Little by little it will appear on all mobiles.

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