Tim Cook criticizes that Facebook and others do not respect privacy, and Apple will launch a feature to prevent its tracking

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has criticized how social media is allowing misinformation in order to collect more personal information. You spoke about this topic during your speech last night at the conference “Computers, Privacy and Data Protection”. This attack on social networks took place on the same day that Apple announced the launch of its new privacy product and the report called "A day in the life of your data."

Specifically, Cook says that social networks (he did not specify any but his criticisms of Facebook are not new) prioritize "conspiracy theories and incitement to violenceSimply because they are topics that involve more people in those conversations. In this way, the companies that manage these social platforms have the opportunity to collect more personal information from citizens.

"We can't keep turning a deaf ear"

tim cook

"At a time of rampant disinformation and algorithm-fueled conspiracy theories, we cannot continue to turn a deaf ear to a technological theory that believes any form of use is acceptable in order to collect as much data as possible, "Cook said, Reuters reported.

For the Apple executive "it is time to stop pretending that this approach does not have a cost" and is that in his opinion, allow all kinds of content and comments on social networks leads to polarization of society, to loss of confidence and "to violence".

Apple introduces its tracking feature

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The statements have been accompanied by the announcement of the launch of an Apple product related to privacy: the App Tracking Transparency feature, which will allow users of the brand to decide whether or not apps can track them across devices and will arrive in early spring. This app was planned to hit the market in early 2021.

According to Apple spokesmen, App Tracking Transparency will require other applications to ask for user permission before tracking their data on other companies' apps or websites. In the Settings section, users will be able to see which apps have requested tracking permission and they will be able to make changes. This requirement will go into effect in early spring with an upcoming release of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and tvOS 14.

The battle between Zuckerberg and Apple is not new

mark zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg has already talked about this new Apple tracking tool. In December, he said that he believes that the effects of this decision “will be devastating for small businesses. [con poco presupuesto publicitario]" and "make it very difficult for advertisers to reach users with targeted advertising ”. According to him, the services that Facebook offers so that small advertisers have visibility, can be at low cost thanks to its business model.

For years, Apple and Facebook leaders have publicly reproached each other on privacy issues and their business models. For example, in 2018 an interviewer asked Cook about what he would have done if he were Mark Zuckerberg and faced the problems that Facebook must address (because of Cambridge Analytica. "What would I do? that situation ". According to him" we care about the user experience. And we are not going to meddle in your personal life. I think that's an invasion of privacy".

The Facebook leader responded a few days later to this. According to him his reasoning was "extremely simplistic." Zuckerberg said that "the reality here is that if you want to build a service that helps connect everyone in the world, then there are many people who cannot pay. And therefore, as with many media, having a model supported by advertising is the only rational model that can support the construction of this service to reach people. "

This is how Internet giants like Facebook and Google prepare for Apple's news

Keep in mind that social networks and platforms such as Google base most of their business on advertising, which can be targeted thanks to their extensive knowledge of each user for collecting this information. Facebook has announced its latest quarterly results, explaining in the report that an impact on the platform is expected by 2021 due to the changes in iOS 14 and "the evolution of the regulatory landscape" (this refers to the fact that European personal data can no longer be transferred to servers in the United States).

For its part, Google has begun to develop alternatives that allow it to continue collecting data without iOS having to ask the user. The company will stop using the advertiser identifier that triggers this notice on iOS, although it will maintain tracking tools.