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TikTok for children and minors: how to protect accounts

These are the new changes that TikTok has applied to protect minors. From now on all child accounts will be private.

TikTok is making changes to the security and privacy policy in the accounts of the youngest, since, according to the platform, “We empower our community with a variety of controls to manage their online presence. As young people begin their digital journey, we believe it is important to provide age-appropriate privacy settings and controls. ”

These changes will take effect for user accounts that are less than 18 years of age, mainly in those with ages between 13 and 15 years, applying important adjustments in the way of interacting with the application.

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TikTok for children and minors: how to protect accounts

New “improved” privacy features for young people on TikTok

These changes that have been announced by the social network, comprise a set of "enhanced" privacy settings, which aim to restriction of functions and changing some default settings within the application.

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As expressed by the platform itself, "The additional changes we are implementing to promote a safe experience for our youngest users". Among the new aspects are:

New improved privacy features for teens on TikTok

New bans on TikTok for minors

  • Improve options for commenting on videos created by 13-15 year olds. These users can now choose between friends or nobody for their account; Everyone's comment settings will be removed.
  • Change the Duet and Stitch settings so that these features are now available only to content created by users over 16 years of age. For users ages 16-17, the default Duet and Stitch settings will now be set to Friends.
  • Allow downloads of videos that have been created by users over 16 years old only. Other users can decide if they want to allow downloads of their videos, although for users aged 16-17, the default setting will now change to "off" unless they choose to enable it.
  • Set "suggest your account to others" to "off" by default for users ages 13-15.
  • Restrict direct messaging and hosting of live streams to accounts aged 16 and over.
  • Restrict the purchase, sending and receiving of virtual gifts to users over 18 years of age.
  • Allow parents and caregivers to set security measures for their teens' TikTok experience through our “family matching” features.

All these changes in privacy regulations can have a negative impact at first within this younger audience, especially in users between 16 and 17 years of age, since these drastic changes will undoubtedly affect the way they interact with the application.

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Likewise, those users more "Veterans", could be affected in their reach and projection within the social network. Why? Basically because they are being limited in their visibility, not appearing in the "For you" section, limitations in performing duets and other aspects.

Partnership with Common Sense Network to improve the experience

In association The Common Sense Network, the social network aims to create a new viewing experience that results for users under 13 years of age, who within the territory of the United States are those who major changes have undergone within the application.

As they explain, “This experience allows users to browse a selected library of age-appropriate videos, and today we are pleased to announce a partnership with Common Sense Networks as we continue to enhance this experience. Through our partnership, Common Sense Networks will provide additional guidance on the suitability of content for children under 13 as we work to create an enjoyable and safe viewing experience. ”

This is closely related to a report presented by The New York Time in 2020, which showed that around a third of the platform's users within the US territory would be a public under 14 years of age.

Partnership with Common Sense Network to improve the experience

New TikTok restrictions allow minors to browse safely

Similarly, Eric Berger, CEO of Common Sense Network, stated that “We couldn't be more pleased to partner with TikTok to develop better content experiences for users under the age of 13. At Common Sense Networks, we view this commitment as an opportunity to redouble our commitment to raising the quality of digital technology for children. means that age-appropriate content is the rule in our industry rather than the exception. ”

Since 2020, we have seen how the platform has incorporated important changes in these aspects, starting with allow teens' parents to set restrictions remotely to the accounts of the youngest, as well as giving them the possibility to modify the your children's privacy settings.

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In this way, TikTok continues to add greater features of privacy control for user accounts under 18 years of age, all with the aim of providing a more pleasant and above all safe experience.

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