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This will be the foldable Huawei Mate X2 according to the latest massive leak

Although they don't make too much noise at the moment, foldable screen phones They have been with us for some time and the different ranges continue to evolve at a good pace. Samsung is preparing several launches for its Fold and Flip lines this year, and Huawei is doing the same with a Mate X whose third generation (let's remember the Huawei Mate Xs) is just around the corner.

On the future Huawei Mate X2 we have already had some previous leak, small pieces to compose a larger puzzle, but the last we have heard from it is that there are few secrets to be revealed. The Mate X2 has been leaked almost completely, in the absence of some small details of some of its characteristics, and everything that is now known about it we will tell you below.

Raw and photographic power

In the almost massively leaked data of the future Huawei Mate X2 we find, for example, the Kirin 9000 as the main brain of the device. The processor of the latest Mate 40 and Mate 40 Pro from the Chinese manufacturer, also destined to make its appearance on board the Huawei P50, will also be present in the company's foldable accompanied by still unknown memory blocks.

Hinges have become the best kept secret of folding mobiles and, perhaps, the secret of their success

The screen has also been filtered, or rather, the screens because we will have them twice again. Inside, the Mate X2 will have 8.01 inch with a resolution of 2,480 x 2,200 pixels and that will be the one that folds in half both inward and outward. And on the outside proper, the "non-folding", the Mate X2 will exhibit a panel of 6.45 inch with 2,700 x 1,160 pixels.

50 megapixel main camera and ultra-fast battery

The cameras section will be composed of 5 sensors in total, one of them destined for 16 megapixel selfies and a quartet to act as the main system. In it we will have 50 megapixels in front, 16 megapixels next to it, another 12 megapixel camera and a last 8 megapixel sensor. The leak speaks that the Mate X2 will have 10 megapixel optical zoom (probably with a periscope camera) but you haven't specified which sensor will offer it.

The Huawei Mate X2 will arrive with Android 10 running under EMUI and will have on board a battery of 4,400 mAh with 66W fast charge. And yes, we also have the dimensions among the leaked data: 161.8 x 145.8 x 8.2 millimeters open and 295 grams of weight. For now, it is not known when it will be presented, but everything indicates that it will be very soon.

Huawei Mate X2


Foldable: 8.01 "to 2,480 x 2,200
External: 6.45 "at 2,700 x 1,160


Kirin 9000



Rear cameras

Main: 50 megapixels
Second: 16 megapixels
Third: 12 megapixels
Fourth: 8 megapixels
10x zoom

Frontal camera

16 megapixels


4,500 mAh
66W fast charge


Android 10



Dimensions and weight

Open: 161.8 x 145.8 x 8.2 mm
295 grams

Via | Digital Chat Station on Weibo