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This website suggests each day one of the "1001 albums you have to listen to before you die" to play it on Spotify

I love music and I consider that I have quite wide and open tastes, but I always tend to stay in the usual songs and in the usual groups. Every year I intend to listen to many new records each month, but I end up failing miserably in the attempt.

With the new year I have known 1001albumsgenerator, a website that every weekday or week randomly suggests us to listen to an album from the list of the famous book '1001 albums to listen to before you die'. While it won't lead us to music truly unknown to the masses, Yes, it can greatly enhance musical culture who uses it.

A website that can be used in a group

Web Album

The operation of 1001albumsgenerator is very simple, but at the same time interesting. When using the web, we will be asked for a name, which will be our list of recommended discs. Thus, for example, I have created the Genbeta list, being the website where every day they will recommend albums to me, and where readers can see which album is proposed.

The website gives us the cover of the album in question, the artist or group, the year the work was released, and a link to Spotify and another to Wikipedia so that we know its history. Today, for example, he proposed to me 'A Love Supreme' by John Coltrane. Here the Wikipedia link.

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At the time we want, We can share the recommendation on social networks, as well as write a few words about what we thought about the disk, which will be saved in our URL history. In addition, there is a section of global statistics of the service, which right now goes by 273,338 votes, where we can see that the most voted albums are the following:


As we see, no surprises on the list full of classics. On the other hand, among the worst voted, are these:


As we said, this is not a discovery service per se, and probably for that purpose there are better services and websites, but if you have the goal of listening to varied music, it is clear that it can help us a lot.