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This website offers you an escape to nature with sounds of random forests around the world

If you find yourself missing the nature sounds Because you've been stuck at home longer than anyone would like, especially in times of a global pandemic, maybe it helps a little to at least listen to a different environment.

That is the goal of, a website for escape and relax listening to woods around the world with just one click on a browser window. The site has compiled sounds recorded by people from all over thanks to the Sound of the Forest project and offers us a simple way to enjoy them.

A digital shinrin yoku

Forest Sounds Forest Sounds

The shinrin yoku or "forest bath" or "forest bath"It is a Japanese practice that has been becoming popular in the rest of the world for some years. It basically consists of walking through the forest and meditating in it so that contact with nature, its sounds, smells and textures relax us and even cure, at least of the bad mood.

The best websites with sound generators to recreate different sound environments when working from home

This website only offers one component of this: the sounds. It is better than nothing, in cases when we cannot ask for much more according to our circumstances. The relaxing sounds They are so appreciated by people, that it is more and more common to see all kinds of sound generators and apps that offer just that.

While there are those who prefer noisy environments with printers, co-workers, and fans because they miss going to an office, the laid-back options are far more popular than they transport us even a little to nature. It is no coincidence that all those rain sound apps have millions of downloads from mobile app stores.