This online pixel art editor is all you need to unleash your creativity at the pixel level

He pixel art it's that kind of digital art that starts from the pixel. A style that reminds us of the beginnings of computing and video games when pixelated images had an irresistible charm that they still retain today. Perhaps, stronger than ever; nostalgia is what he has.

To unleash our creativity at the pixel level, we have such great tools as PixelCraft. This editor on-line has been created with HTML5 and we can find it in a progressive web application —a PWA— that can be used offline, being easy to use and friendly with mobile devices.

PixelCraft, a PWA to create pixel art


PixelCraft It is available from this website and from Github to use without the need for registration or any complications. You simply have to access one of the two sites and we will find the application interface.

As we can see in the image that precedes these lines, we will have to indicate the dimensions of the canvas on which we are going to draw (dimensions less than 128 x 128 are preferable for smooth operation and GIF creation, according to the creators), press okay and ready.

In addition to creating 'pixel art' images, PixelCraft allows you to create gifs and transform normal images into pixelated images

This graphic editor includes the typical tools of any similar program: pencil, eraser, paint bottle, shape tools ... as well as a basic color palette.

Perhaps the most interesting thing, beyond the possibility of creating images of type pixel art, is that this application allows us to create gifs of the images we create pressing the button + to capture frames which we can later verify by clicking on the button that has an eye as an icon. And, also, the possibility of load an image using the corresponding button and have PixelCraft transform it into a pixelated image.

To save an image or a gif, just click on the button with three horizontal lines in the upper left corner and select the most appropriate option.

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