This is what Proton looks like, the new Firefox design that Mozilla prepares

Proton is the name of the latest visual update for Firefox Mozilla works with. After redesigns such as Australis or Photon, this latest facelift announced at the beginning of the month is being seen through several images in which the changes it brings are perfectly observed.

This major redesign of the desktop version of the browser expected to arrive in mid-May with Firefox 90 and, from what we have seen in the designs published by Techdows, affects the appearance of the welcome and import screen, menu, or tabs. Although it goes further.

Firefox 90, which will be launched in mid-May, will arrive with a new design under its arm

Betting on rounded edges

Firefox Proton Multiple Tabs Infobar Mockup

Redesign of the information bar of Firefox 90. / Via TechDows

According to the advanced information, Mozilla plans to modify elements of the Firefox interface on the desktop such as the address bar, the toolbar, the information bars and the notices, as well as the menus or the tabs.

Customize the appearance of the browser, for example, it will be as simple as opening a menu of options and selecting a color scheme between light, dark or a custom one and a background among several suggested ones or the one we want. In the style of what Opera has been offering for a long time.

From this menu it will also be possible customize the screen that appears by default when we open a new tab, choosing if we want our favorite portals or recommendations from our Pocket to appear with sponsored stories or not. Personalization seems to matter more and more.

The menu will be considerably reduced, going from offering a score of options to a few, those that the user uses most frequently

With its incorporation into Firefox, the new .AVIF image format becomes available in all major web browsers

Firefox Proton Hamburger Menu Mockup

Firefox 90 menu redesign. / Via TechDows

The news they also reach the menu, which is redesigned to offer only a few options first, after clicking; in principle, those that are most useful to the user. To see the rest, just click on an arrow that appears at the bottom to enlarge it. The icons would also disappear from this menu, according to these published designs.

In Firefox 90, the welcome and import wizard will also undergo appearance changes and the tabs, which will now have rounded corners, as well as the warnings that the browser displays, for example, when there is a new version and it is necessary to restart the application. Now we have to wait, we are still going for Firefox 85.