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this is what the new operating system looks like running on a Lumia 950 XL

Windows 10X will be the new version of Microsoft's operating system that will be coming this year. Originally designed especially for dual-screen devices, we now know that it will also reach traditional laptops and will be a fairly cloud-based experience.

From what we know so far, including the near-final build of Windows 10X that was recently leaked, we're talking about a lighter and more adaptable system, one that before being officially launched they have already managed to carry to mobile devices, specifically a Lumia 950 XL.

This is what Windows 10X looks like on a mobile

Windows 10x Lumina 950

The engineer Gustave Monce He is the one who has performed the small feat and has shown on his Twitter account several photos, captures and videos of how Windows 10X looks and works on the mobile of the discontinued Nokia series.

Files is the Windows 10 Explorer we've been waiting for years, with modern design and tabbed browsing

Monce has even shared a FFU image of the system for those who have a Lumia 950 XL and dare to try. It also says that it is the first of many, since at the moment neither the automatic screen rotation, the cellular network nor the camera, among other things, work.

As seen in the screenshots, the Windows 10X interface adapts quite well to the device, and we are talking about a build that does not even have official support for that particular device.

Naked eye looks like a mini Windows 10, but much better adapted to touchscreens and small. It is a good appetizer to that modularity that Microsoft could achieve with Windows Core OS by adapting its interface depending on the device in which it is used.