This is how your WhatsApp account is stolen and what you can do to avoid it

Steal your WhatsApp account? Well yes, it is much easier than you imagine.

There is no discussion. WhatsApp is not only the most popular messaging app but also one of the most downloaded applications in the world and all this despite its recent controversy with its new terms and conditions of use.

And as a consequence of being used by millions of people around the world, it is a golden opportunity for scammers, thieves and hackers. The increase in accounts stolen in WahatsApp has grown exponentially in recent months so we have to be very careful with how we use this app.

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Steal a WhatsApp account? Effectively, it's much simpler than it seems so it never hurts to learn how to avoid it.

This is how your WhatsApp account is stolen ...

WhatsApp on a mobile phone

Steal your WahatsApp account? Much more common than you imagine

As they warn from Wabetainfo, stealing a WhatsApp account is nothing really complicated so that anyone can be victims of this fraud.

As practically all of you know, to use WhatsApp you need a smartphone with an associated phone number since when installing the application, this is not send a verification code via SMS in order to start the session.

This code is necessary to use WhatsApp so it must be personal and non-transferable. That is to say, that only we have to have access to it and in no way should we share it, not even with friends and family.

One of the most used methods to steal a WhatsApp account is to trick the user into giving the thief / hacker said code. For example, some scammers create fake accounts using virtual numbers and then send messages to other text numbers with the following content:

  • “Your WhatsApp account will expire in no time. If you want to keep your account, forward the code that will arrive by SMS to this number ”.
  • "The WhatsApp team needs to know if you are human: forward the 6-digit code you just received by SMS to this number."
  • “We have detected suspicious activity on your WhatsApp account. If you do not want us to suspend your account, please resend the 6-digit code you just received via SMS ”.
WhatsApp on smartphone

Never share the WhatsApp startup code with anyone

The idea is to scare the user with the idea that their account will be locked if they do not forward the code they just received, which is basically the login code. If the user "bites" and shares this code, hackers will be able to log in and take control of our WhatsApp account.

Obviously WhatsApp will never request private information from us, much less any login code. For all this, whether you or your relatives receive a similar message, ignore it completely because it is a scam.

... and so you can avoid it

Luckily we can prevent our account from being stolen or at least make it more difficult for thieves. First of all, we recommend activating two-step verification in WhatsApp to add a security "plus" to our account.

In case we have shared the start code to a third party ... don't worry, there is a solution if we are quick. You will only have to log in to WhatsApp again reverifying our phone number with a new 6 digit code.

Of course: only download WhatsApp from official sources and trusted sites such as the Play Store, the App Store or the official WhatsApp website. Unauthorized versions of WhatsApp can compromise user privacy and security. Obviously distrust the increasingly numerous WhatsApp clones.

And again we repeat, Never share your 6-digit code with anyone!

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