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This is how this ex-hacker has recovered 41 million euros in bitcoins

Less than two weeks ago, we addressed the story of Stefan Thomas, a technology entrepreneur who, after the latest increases in the price of Bitcoin, came to own a fortune of almost 300 million euros in said cryptocurrency...

... which you cannot access it because you have lost the password for the USB memory that houses your digital wallet. AND it is not such a unique case as it might seem.

Another user even offered $ 70 million in exchange for being allowed to dig in a garbage can to locate a hard drive that contained four times that amount. However, sometimes situations like these are resolved with greater fortune.

"I'm already a millionaire!"

Recently, a Twitter user, who defines himself as an "ex-hacker turned businessman, announced on the social network that he was" close "to recovering. his own digital wallet, which he had written off after his hard drive caught fire 10 years ago now.

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Yesterday, through another message on Twitter, the user @jonesushchrist revealed that his attempt to recover the file wallet.dat had turned out to be successful, and that it had now made him a "millionaire," though did not reveal the exact amount to which it had happened to have access.

However, several users pointed to a possible link between this news and an alert about a large bitcoin transaction that had taken place in the last few hours: 1500 BTC (equivalent to just over 41 million euros), which had gone from an 'unknown wallet' to the Bitstamp exchange.

Lost money

Websites like Chainalysis have studied the problem of circulating bitcoins already lost, and value their amount at around 20% of the total offer of bitcoins, most of them forgotten by their owners in the first years of existence of this currency, when its value was much lower.

Worse still: another report indicates that, in recent times, 1,500 bitcoins a day would be lost hopelessly due to errors in transactions, loss of hardware or passwords, deaths and so on; bad news when on average, just over 900 BTC are produced resorting to mining.