This is Ecosia, the private and sustainable search engine now included by default in the Brave browser

The developers of the Brave browser, based on Chromium and focused on offer the user above-average privacy, they just announced incorporation as an integrated search engine from Ecosia, an 'alternative search engine' that will now be available to the more than 24 million Brave users on desktop and mobile.

The creators of Ecosia, a Berlin-based startup, have revolved their project around two great principles: privacy and sustainability.

The first point is not very different from what other search engines such as DuckDuckGo and StartPage provide, since they refuse to sell personal data to third parties and search histories disappear from your servers within a week.

A sustainable search engine

Ecosia 2

The second, however, marks differences with respect to other similar projects, as Ecosia has committed to invest the proceeds of your ads in tree planting ("With each search, the trees we plant remove 1 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere"), to which is added the promise of using servers that "use 200% renewable energy".

"By using our benefits for the planet rather than for ourselves, we have been able to plant more than 115 million trees. They remove thousands of tons of CO2 from the air while protecting wildlife, communities and ecosystems."

Sorry Google, but we can't quite believe you when you talk about privacy

A review of your results page

The Ecosia results page fully maintains the 'look & feel' of its Google equivalent. Like this one, it also displays a carousel of featured videos from YouTube in your web searches. And also, like Google, it shows specific results pages for Images, News, Videos, and Maps.

A difference from Google are shortcuts to external search engines: we can tell Ecosia to open searches for the same term, but directly on Wikipedia, on Amazon YouTube ... and Bing or Google itself:

Ecosia 3

Also from the same page we can filter the results by temporal criteria (under 'Filters') or by the region of origin of the results (in 'Settings').

If we access "More settings" we also find options such as selecting the language of the search engine, selecting the level of security of the results (in regards to offensive material) or the enable / disable automatic suggestions from the search box.

Via | Ecosia Blog