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This extension for Chrome gives you one-click access to any scientific paper you see on the web thanks to Sci-Hub

Known as the "Pirate Bay" of science, Sci-Hub is one of the most revolutionary websites the Internet has seen in recent years. Created by Alexandra Elbakyan when she was just 22 years old, the portal changed the science industry by seeking to democratize the access to millions of scientific articles found behind expensive paywalls.

If you use Chrome, or any Chromium-based browser like Edge, Opera, Brave, or Vivaldi, you can take advantage of this extension to download in one click almost any scientific paper that you come across while researching, again, thanks to Sci-Hub.

Click on the bird

Sci Hub Extension

The extension is basically a plugin that saves you from having to copy and paste the name of the article in the Sci-Hub search engineInstead, you will only have to click on the bird icon that will appear on the websites where you find a paper published behind a payment wall.

The way it works is by searching for the DOI anywhere on the page and navigating to the corresponding URL in Sci-Hub, so when you tap the bird the extension will take you to that paper's page in Sci-Hub.

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The extension also allows you to change the Sci-Hub domain from the preferences, in case it changes. In addition, it also automatically checks if the server is down so you can check your settings and change the domain if necessary.

Although it has not been an easy road, moves to the deep web, millionaire fines and even accusations of espionage, Sci-Hub refuses to disappear and has the support of many users, and a large part of the scientific community itself.

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