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This artificial intelligence analyzes the clarity of your texts in Spanish and gives you tips to improve them

The communication consulting firm Prodigioso Volcán has just presented, in beta, clear. An artificial intelligence that analyzes the clarity of texts in Spanish and offers advice on how we can write (more) clearly.

The main function of this tool is to measure the clarity of administrative texts and service contracts, but It is equally valid to experiment with our writings and receive guidance on how we can improve them. Of course, they warn us that the result will be less reliable.

Artificial intelligence applied to the Spanish language

"It is quite likely that the text is clear"

Clara's results after analyzing a text

Results that Clara offers after analyzing a text.

Clara is in beta development, so it is not a final product, but the tests we have been able to carry out it is clear that works quite well and has no obvious problems. It is fully functional.

Without records and everything from the web itself, we simply have to copy our text, click on the button Analyze and wait to see the results that will be shown in just a few seconds under the field in which we have pasted the writing.

Clara, in beta, can analyze texts with a maximum of 120 words and a minimum of 40

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This interesting experiment of Prodigious Volcano and the Knowledge Engineering Institute analyzes the brevity of the sentences, the use of common words, the references to laws or articles, the use of connectors, the correct punctuation, the predominance of verbs in the active voice, the absence of technicalities or words difficult to understand, the simple sentences and the use of words that are not found in the common language dictionary.

With all these wickers, gives us a result that estimates the probability that the text is clear, being 100% very clear and 0% not at all clear.

Currently, Clara can analyze texts with a maximum of 120 words and a minimum of 40, also offering tips to improve them. These recommendations are very useful, even if they are not specific such as those provided by Gramarly for writing in English, and they are shown together with the nine linguistic indicators analyzed.