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This application is an interesting replacement for the battery monitor in the Windows 10 taskbar

The Windows 10 battery monitor is not exactly the most complete and loaded with information that exists. In fact, even without entering the battery information that is offered in the Settings options, we only find percentage of use per application and some battery saving options.

From the taskbar we find an energy icon that shows only the most basic: percentage and time remaining next to the energy mode selector. If you are one of those who wants more complete and detailed information about the use of your battery, then try taking a look at Fluent Flyouts.

Battery percentage on the taskbar and much more

Use Battery Windows 10

Here's what battery information looks like with Fluent Flyouts

Although it is a very new application and in full development, in fact is in its first version in preview, Fluent Flyouts has a lot of potential, especially since what Windows 10 comes with by default is much less.

The tool is available for free in the Microsoft Store and once installed it will add a new icon to your notification area on the taskbar with the percentage of your battery. But in addition to showing the exact number instead of the more abstract icon, it has several extras.

If you click on the Fluent Flyouts icon it shows you:

  • A graph with the use and prediction of battery life.

  • The estimated duration time.

  • Full and true charge capacity of the battery.

  • Battery voltage and charge rate.

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That's much more information than Windows 10 itself offersIt is more similar to what we see in the Battery Manager about the use of other resources, although there we will not find a tab for the battery as we have one for the CPU, disks and the GPU.

This app is a small project by an independent developer, and it is important to understand that you are starting with it. Those who are encouraged to try the app can contact him on the Fluent Design Discord server under the name 'FireCubeStudios' if they have any comments. In Genbeta we talked a little with him and He told us that he will update the app soon to fix some bugs and a bug that causes the monitor to close only on some devices.