They launch a limited edition of the AirPods Max that exceeds 100,000 dollars

These AirPods Max only cost $ 100,000 and are almost all made of gold.

Like pretty much everything Apple does, its new headphones called AirPods Max, they have given much to talk about.

While the normal AirPods are designed for the day-to-day user, to listen to music on the street or to talk on the phone, we cannot say the same about these new headphones. Not only for its design but also for its price, of 600 euros or dollars.

Many users have shouted to the sky, stating that the price of these devices is complete nonsense And although we have not been able to test them, the truth is that Apple headphones are not expensive at all if we compare them with these other devices.

Now, as with all those iPhone models that cost thousands and thousands of dollars, the same has happened with the AirPods Max because the Russian brand Caviar, an expert in tacky and expensive products, has released a limited edition AirPods Max that exceed $ 100,000.

These AirPods Max are expensive: more than $ 100,000

AirPods Max

These AirPods Max only cost $ 100,000

Is it worth getting a $ 100,000+ headphones? Only if you have a lot of money left over. For starters, these AirPods Max are so expensive because they feature 830 grams of gold, Although the firm certifies that said material does not affect the bluetooth of the headphones.

As we see on their website, the headband of the headphones is made of crocodile skin while the earmuffs are decorated with 18-karat gold.

In short, seeing these Caviar headphones, the truth is that the base version of the AirPods Max does not seem so expensive. Now, if you Android users are thinking of getting one of these headphones, think twice.

No, if you have an Android phone, it doesn't deserve to get AirPods Max. On the one hand because you will lose many of the functionalities that are only compatible with Apple products and on the other hand, because there are better and cheaper alternatives.