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They have cloned the original website to get rid of a wave of unnecessary permissions

In Genbeta a long time ago we told you about a website where you could create your own Twitter engagement circle To discover the profiles you interact with the most, a fun exercise to find out who your closest tweeters are.

His name is Chirpty and his official domain is, it is a personal project of HackerTyper and use the Twitter API to get the public interactions and calculate the people with whom you interact the most. It only works with public profiles and never asks for access to your Twitter account.

The Chirpty clone that asks for so much more than it needs

Twitter Circles

On the left the clone in Spanish, on the right the original website that does not ask for permissions

Since the theme of little circles on Twitter it became very popular in recent months, someone saw an opportunity to clone Chirpty and in the process take advantage of abuse enough of what you ask users.

While in you only need to enter a Twitter username, in the clone You not only have to log in directly with your Twitter account, but you have to give it basically all the possible permissions to take control of your profile.

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Permissions Like Crazy

The permission list includes not only the obvious things like seeing your entire tweet timeline, but even the protected ones, follow and unfollow accounts for you, tweet for you, and even mute, block and report accounts on your behalf.

The original website shows that none of these permissions are necessary to create the happy circles, but the drawback of this one is that it is usually at capacity and asks $ 0.99 to make a circle. The clone is "free", but see what you are giving in return.

Connected Apps

Revoke app permissions on Twitter

If you have already used them and want to remove all those permissions as soon as possible, enter the options Twitter settings and privacy, click on Account access and security, choose Applications and sessions, and finally click on Connected apps.

From there you will find the list with all the apps that you have connected to your Twitter account, select and click on Revoke access.

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