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They appropriated cryptocurrencies worth 7 million euros

The National Police Corps has uncovered an alleged cryptocurrency scam and detained four people in the cities of Alicante and Cuenca related to it. The defendants, aged 23 to 36, are implicated in the appropriation of 7 million euros in bitcoins

Through a non-existent society, detainees offered bitcoin holders the possibility of managing, investing and obtaining high returns which were paid to them on time.

For a time, the victims received the supposed interest generated that, in reality, came from the contributions that other victims made to acquire more cryptocurrencies

Once the victims of the deception transferred the cryptocurrencies, for a time they received the money corresponding to the alleged interest generated. These sums, however, came from cash given by other victims to acquire more cryptocurrencies. In this way they managed to generate an initial image of solvency, although some time later these fertilizers ceased to be produced, as explained by the National Police.

Four arrested for allegedly defrauding more than 7 million euros

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The agents of the Economic Crime Group of the Alicante Judicial Police Brigade, in charge of the investigation, they were able to determine that the amount of scammed cryptocurrencies amounted to about 7 million euros, being 380 bitcoins. That sum, at the time of publishing this article, would be equivalent to more than 9 million euros after the last increases.

The police assure that there are many victims who denounced the events and others who have not yet done so, so the investigation remains open.

The sum of bitcoins was equivalent, at the time of publishing this article, to more than 9 million euros

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The detainees, two men and two women of Spanish, Italian and Argentine nationalities, are accused of an alleged crime of fraud. One of those arrested had fled to Cuenca, according to the police force, with the aim of taking refuge "in the face of pressure received from a large number of clients who had not returned their investments."

This last person has been made available to the Investigating Court acting as guard of the Castilian-La Mancha city while the rest of the accused have been released after declaring at the Alicante police station.