The worst thing that happened in technology in 2020: 5 things to forget

For us this has been the worst of 2020.

2020 has already come to an end and thank goodness. The year that has just gone has been a difficult year for both consumers and many technology companies, so honestly, we are not going to miss it much.

And although we have witnessed many good things, also others that I wish we had never seen and that is if we could go back, We wish that everything we are going to tell you had never happened.

The end of free Google Photos storage

Google Photos, Galaxy Note20 Ultra

Google Photos will stop being free very soon

Few services more important than Google Photos exist within the great G. Being able to have our entire library in one place, unlimitedly and without paying, was something like a dream come true. Unfortunately, once Google had captured millions and millions of users, misfortune came.

Because just a few weeks ago the Mountain View company stated that unlimited free storage of photos would cease to exist and that if someone wants to use this service they will have to go to the checkout, as long as it exceeds 15 GB of storage.

The good news is that if all the photos that you have stored exceed 15 GB of storage, Google will not charge you anything or delete any photos, but will not let you store any more photos. The truth is that Google's service was one of the best and that it was free made almost no sense, business speaking.

So if you are lovers of photography Or you just want to keep having all your photos since you made the communion until now in a safe place, you will have to pay or find an alternative.

The Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft Surface Duo, official photo

Surface Duo, this is Microsoft's first Android device

When Microsoft revealed to us that it was returning to the smartphone market we couldn't be happier especially when it was not done with its extinct operating system but with Android.

The Microsoft Surface Duro was - is - a kind of hybrid between tablet and smartphone, a folding device with two screens joined via a hinge and with a price of almost 1,500 euros.

The Microsoft Suface Duo passed without pain or glory and not only because folding smartphones are not standardized in the market but also because of all the errors it has suffered and that affect keyboard or camera app.

Of course Microsoft failed with this product for another reason and that is that despite being a mix between smartphones and tablets, the Surface Duo doesn't do either of those things well.

Trouble haunts Facebook

When we say that it is imperative to uninstall Facebook from our smartphone, we are not saying it for nothing and it is that the popular social network has been one more year, one of the worst things that have happened in technology this 2020.

As well as sticking with your usual privacy issues, The United States has sued Facebook for buying WhatsApp and Instagram back in the day.

Therefore, what is sought is a permanent court order in a federal court through which be able to require Facebook to sell assets such as Instagram and WhatsApp, or the prohibition of the company to impose anti-competitive conditions on developers, among other things. It is also planned to require Facebook to seek prior approval for future mergers and acquisitions.

5G and conspiracies

Image of 5G antennas attacked by false news in relation to the coronavirus

No, 5G will not turn you into a zombie or a werewolf.

Even though we've been hearing about 5G for a few years we will not deny that this is one of the most anticipated technologies. Although in some places it is already implemented, it is also true that it has a lot of room for improvement.

The advantages of 5G are many, the most obvious are higher data upload and download speed as well as better stability. However, there are not a few consipiranoics who affirm that 5G is the devil, that it is the culprit of the 2020 crisis and that the only thing that the upper echelons want with this type of technology is to have us controlled.

The lack of stock of the new generation consoles

Although it has nothing to do with mobile telephony, the lack of stock of the new generation consoles (PS5 and XBOX series X) has been one of the main technological news of the year.

Video game lovers were eager to see the potential of these new desktop consoles but in the end not everyone has been able to get hold of one of them.

The 2020 crisis has been one of the main obstacles that Microsofot and Sony have had to launch enough stock to the market. Getting hold of one of these consoles today is an almost impossible task and everything seems to indicate that there will still be a long wait for the restoration in both physical and online businesses.

Of course we do not recommend buying it in second-hand sale portals, since the price of these is almost double that of their official value.