The World's Best Google Image Guessing Game Succeeds on Twitch

Suddenly in the month of March 2020 we saw ourselves in half the world almost locked up at home and in all this past year, mobility has been much more reduced than in recent decades. If you can't physically travel, the Internet always has a solution. The same is that nostalgia for knowing new places that the pandemic has stolen from us, that the game GeoGuessr has become very popular in recent months.

Thanks to Google Street View and thanks to the huge catalog of 360º panoramic images within this platform, users all over the world can play guess which place it is being shown to you. His fame has also led him to be very popular on Twitch, Amazon's platform for gamers to broadcast live how they play video games.

Playing Geoguessr


At first, the player You can choose if you want to open the opportunities to guess a place on a global map or if you prefer by regions. There is the option to guess only places in Spain. Or from famous places in the world, choose by countries, by regions, by cities (although only some of the most popular destinations).

Start a game in free mode. An industrial estate appears. It is possible to go around, forward, backward, go right or left. It's Google Street View after all. In the lower right corner there is a map that can be enlarged. To try to guess you can choose a point on the map, click on it and click on the button that says "Guess".

This website will teleport you to random places on Google Street View

GeoGuessr will tell you how far your choice is from the actual location of the displayed site and you will receive more or less points according to those kilometers of distance. Another place of dry vegetation appears and the sea nearby. It turns out to be a place on the island of Cabrera and, to continue, you have to access the payment plan or wait a whole day to try your luck again.

This is because Geoguessr has a free version which allows virtual travelers to play once a day. While the Pro users can play unlimited, compete with friends in challenges, avoid advertisements and wait between games and build your own maps, among other possibilities. There is the possibility of having a free 10-day trial. Another way to play for free is with panoramic 2D images.

The game is available in 10 languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Turkish, Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese.

Play also from Twitch or from Youtube

Many are the regular gamers on Twitch and YouTube who have been encouraged to play in front of their followers. In this way, those who follow the games can also play guessing from the chat of these Amazon and Google platforms respectively.

Geoguessr 2

The gamer is walk around the world with your Geoguessr and Google Street View maps while commenting on your impressions. At the same time, his followers discuss their impressions and their suspicions about the place on the map in the chat.

Well-known online players such as Shark0s, Jae7_ or MorzaMorza on Twitch are among the profiles of Spanish gamers who have joined this trend. In Youtube We find among the Spanish profiles that play Geoguessr we have The Willyrex, Ibai Llanos and El Rubius.