The website of the Spanish Tax Agency could soon stop working in Chrome if a certificate problem is not solved

The next version of Google's browser that is expected to arrive in April, Chrome 90, will block websites that use digital certificates from the Camerfirma company. In Spain this announcement is especially relevant because Camerfirma is a certification authority in this country and there are many much needed pages that use these certificates. For example, the Tax Agency.

As Ryan Sleevi has explained on the official website of the Mountain View company, this change translates into users trying to navigate a website that uses a certificate that gives certain problems defined by Google developers will find a warning on the page. The users They will not be able to override this warning that serves to block access to the web.

A change that could cause problems during the next online Income campaign

This news does not stop alarming if we take into account that Chrome 90 is expected to arrive in spring in its final version, in mid-April, while the Income declaration campaign, which can be done online through the Tax Agency's website, begins on April 9.

As published by El Confidencial, there are other pages that use Camerfirma's digital certificates that Chrome will stop accepting if certain changes are not made. These websites are: EducaMadrid (the educational platform of the Community of Madrid), the page of the vaccination plan against Covid-19 of the Government of Spain (, the Ministry of Justice and different municipalities.

Even sources close to this matter have stated that the Treasury has contacted this provider to "assess the scope of the decision "and that it does not affect taxpayers in the next income statement campaign.

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The good news in this regard is that Camerfirma has made a plan to solve those issues that give it problems in front of Chrome developers. This plan published by the firm that offers digital certificates It will be developed between January and June of this year 2021, so it's also not clear that your software is ready by the time Chrome 90 has to see the light of day.

As of the week of Thursday, March 11, 2021 "approximately", the Website operators will be able to see the changes in Chrome 90 Beta, according to Sleevi. Website operators will also be able to see changes sooner, via Dev and Canary channels, while most users will not encounter issues or changes at first.

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