The smallest bluetooth speaker on the market is from Xiaomi and it only costs 10 euros

This Xiaomi bluetooh speaker is small but bully

If you thought we were going to end the week without talking about a Xiaomi product ... You were quite wrong because indeed it is here! We all know that Xiaomi is one of the brands with the best value for money and not only in smartphones but in any product in its catalog.

Today we bring you a device designed for music lovers. It is a bluetooth speaker that although it is not really new, it has such an absurd price that we have been forced to take out an article to remember it. Just 10 euros!

This is the smallest bluetooth speaker on the market

Xiaomi bluetooth speaker

This Xiaomi bluetooth speaker barely costs 10 euros

Surely more than one of you has a bluetooth speaker at homeEither a conventional one or even a smart one such as the Google Home, Amazon's Echo or Apple's recent HomePod Mini.

However, this Xiaomi bluetooth speaker has another purpose and is none other than that of being able to take it anywhere thanks to its ridiculous size.

As for specifications, it comes with a USB connector, a 480 mAh battery that guarantees a continuous use of 6 hours, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and a power of 2 W. It is not the speaker with the best sound quality on the market but for the size and price it has, it is quite neat.

And the best of all is its price because we can find it in stores like AliExpress for just 10 euros. So it is an ideal speaker to take on a trip since it fits anywhere.

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