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The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 begin to be updated with improvements in sport and location

Samsung's latest sports watch, the Samsung galaxy Watch Active 2, is receiving an update that improves various aspects of the software, such as the introduction of the Samsung Health group competitions and automatic handwash detection. In addition, the location of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is improved through SmartThings Find.

Yesterday was Samsung's big day, a day featuring a family of phones that has just been thoroughly renovated: the Samsung Galaxy S21. They also presented the Galaxy Buds Pro and some labels with which to locate objects, the Galaxy SmartTags. Not only that, Samsung presented software innovations, such as the accurate indoor location of objects registered with SmartThings. And the new update of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 has a lot to do with it.

85MB update with notable changes, first in Canada

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 update Image of Fernando. Via SamMobile

Samsung watch updates they are not distributed at the same time in all territories or with the same changes, so we cannot guarantee that all the news that the latest update of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 brings, which is currently in Canada, will soon reach the rest of the devices. As with previous updates, you have to wait.

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As SamMobile highlights after users updated their watches, Samsung has improved synchronization with SmartThings. This is all it brings back:

  • Samsung Health improvements. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 receives group competitions, includes a new sleep score, reduces the time for automatic sports recognition and adds new workouts at home.

  • Localization improvements with SmartThings Find. The update should improve the precision with which the watch is positioned on the map.

  • Automatic hand washing detection. Once the Hand Wash application is installed, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 will automatically detect when each user washes their hands and how much time they spend on the task.

The update weighs 84.9 megabytes, has as version number R820XXU1DUA3 / R820GFC1DUA3 and at the moment it is circulating in Canada.

Via | Sammobile