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the return of rounded edges to Windows

We already know that Microsoft is planning a great "visual and radical rejuvenation of Windows", it is something that has been cooking for some time, and although we have seen little of what this will look like, everything indicates that with Windows 10 Sun Valley, the next big update coming in the second half of the year, we will start to notice the changes.

In Windows Central they say they have obtained images of several of the changes that are coming, and in a similar way to what we have observed in the almost final build of Windows 10X that has been leaked, something is very clear at a glance: return rounded edges to Windows.

Windows 10 21H2: the October 2021 update

Windows 10x

Windows 10X

While Microsoft hasn't offered details on Windows 10 21H2, codenamed "Sun Valley," this should be arriving in October 2021, like the rest of the Windows 10 fall updates to date. This will be the biggest update of the yearWhile Windows 10 21H1 will be a smaller one that we will receive this spring.

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Not much is known about Sun Valley, but ultimately what has been sounding the most has to do with the interface changes that Microsoft is planning. And it is that with everything that has leaked from Windows 10X we can already see where the design team is leaning.

Windows 10x Ac

Source: WindowsCentral

In the images we can see that with Windows 10 Sun Valley changes are being implemented in multiple elements of the shell. The Start Menu, Action Center, and Jump Lists have rounded edges and they are separate from the taskbar.

Further, notifications, quick settings and media playback controls have been separated from the Action Center with its own notification boxes and the same rounded edge style.

The new dynamic taskbar icons in Windows 10

The new dynamic taskbar icons in Windows 10

We also know that Microsoft is testing dynamic icons for the taskbar, something that unlike the rest of the changes mentioned here, you can already test the Insider builds, and where we already see rounded edges in the internal elements with information that appear when clicking on them.

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The current interface of Windows 10 is basically the same that came with Windows 8 more than eight years ago, one that went from being Metro to being called Modern, and which is now really called Fluent. It was time for Microsoft to mix things up a bit, and it seems that it is starting to make the edges less "pointy".