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the Release Candidate, available for download

After five months of development since the Alpha version was released, and two since the beta version of Kodi 19 'Matrix' was released, the development team has announced that the Release Candidate version is now available for download, very close to the definitive version of this "Great Revelation" that they are talking about in all the press releases.

After a Christmas break, the team talks for the first time about a stable version for the day, while with beta 1 there was talk of "stable enough to reach beta". Now they mention that the code is robust and that they think it is ready to be released. But, to be sure, they want to know the problems that may remain in each of the versions.

Minor changes for a version that does bring them big


Since the betas already had the great news of Kodi 19 'Matrix' included, this Release Candidate is continuist. However, for those who have not tried any variant of this version yet, it is an important leap in several ways.

Probably the change that users who use addons notice the most is the adoption of Python 3, since Python 2 support ended at the end of the year just finished, after 20 years of development. This will cause much of what is written for Python 2 to not work at first until it is upgraded to Python 3. If you depend on Python 2 extensions, it is best to wait.

If you care about support for new video codecs, Kodi 19 brings support to AV1, which has many ballots for consolidate itself as a successor to H.265 since it greatly improves its compression and does so freely, without whoever wants to use it incurring costs. In addition, it has the support of Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple or Netflix, which has already started using it.

HDR without dynamic metadata is less HDR: why Dolby Vision and HDR10 + have better image quality than HDR10

Further, has vastly improved support for HDR, and now Kodi will be able to play files with Dolby Vision dynamic metadata, as long as the player supports it. The Amazon Fire Stick 4K is, as I have been able to prove, as is the Nvidia Shield 2019. Once the final version is released we will test on more devices.

Download | Kodi 19 RC

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