The reason why Samsung has lowered the price to the Samsung Galaxy S21

After their Fan Edition, from Samsung they knew that offering more for less was key to the success of some Galaxy S21 that are nominated as best seller of the year ... Will they be in the end?

It is true that it has been very sensitive, almost nothing, but it must be recognized that indeed Samsung has reduced the prices of its Galaxy S for the first time in a long time, putting the new Galaxy S21s in a somewhat more sustainable with respect to its quality / price ratio, and also justifying in part with this price drop the elimination of chargers and headphones that Apple started.

Be that as it may, sometimes for us it is difficult to understand the "value" of a smartphone attending only to specifications and prices, and the companions of Android Central have wanted in this case to shed a little light on a complicated issue, which many reduce at cheaper prices without counting what they actually offer their devices at the price they pay for them ... Does a Samsung Galaxy S21 cost what it is worth? Well, let's try to analyze it!

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Phantom Black

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, in its impressive 'Phantom Black' tonality.

The truth is that it is easy to start this article according to the arrival of the Fan edition from Samsung, terminals that according to the South Korean giant itself They responded to the request of their customers to offer them more for less, and bring them a quality experience at much more affordable prices.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, analysis: the "Ultra" we expected

If the users requested it, and The Galaxy S20 FE had been a bestseller, the recipe was clear to achieve Samsung Galaxy S21 more attractive than ever, focusing efforts on fully compensate the price and "value" offered the user to remove any hint of doubt.

And here comes the Samsung Galaxy S21 in its base model, which starts from 859 euros for reach almost everyone with the best hardware and the best Samsung experience, leaving the models Plus and Ultra above 1,200 euros for those who need everything, differentiating your options better than ever.

Why the Galaxy S21 break the balance and are now cheaper?

As well, Samsung is not the best example from a manufacturer with cheap and well-compensated flagship phones, but it's never too late if the bliss is good and this time the South Koreans have done a good job with the Galaxy S21, at least in its "normal" model, which is for me the most attractive without a doubt.

It already happened at the time with the iPhone 12 and its different flavors, the CEO of Redmi himself stated that the only one that attracted him was the cheapest, for example, and that is very difficult to justify prices of 1,200 or 1,300 euros just for a better camera, especially when Google's Pixel smartphones excel in photography and do not even pass the double sensor.

So I'm glad that Samsung endorsed the views with the models 'FAITH', and This Galaxy S21 approaches that concept with a high level hardware and prices as compensated as possible, although this obviously implies having lost certain characteristics that for many are not differential.

Objectively, Samsung's new Galaxy S21 offers more value for its price than the 'Ultra' model, and also that a Galaxy S20 that is too expensive, surely due to maintaining the glass back or non-differential specifications.

Indeed, the Galaxy S21 "normal" lose MST technology that in our markets is not even used, also lower the performance of some cameras that are still good for most, and above all they are left by the way memory expansion with microSD or glass back, giving way to a plastic that has nothing wrong if it is used well and is of quality.

Are we willing to run out of microSD, or have a plastic back, for 500 euros less? Well I think most of us do, because the heart of the smartphone and its capabilities except for the camera are identical to the model Ultra, which is reserved for 'heavy users' turning the base model into precisely this, a base model, from entry, much more attractive for the bulk of users.

And this is where the definition of "value" properly said, and that is objectively, the Galaxy S21 offers much more value for its price than the model Ultra or that the Galaxy S20 of last year, probably more expensive to maintain the glass and options that many do not consider differential like the ones we have mentioned.

The idea is simple. If a Samsung user wants to change mobile and goes to look for the flagship killers from other manufacturers only for prices that are much more attractive, Why not offer you a flagship killer within the Galaxy S21 range itself? It is understood, no?

You can now see the guts of the Samsung Galaxy S21 and its approved in repairability