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The publisher DC launches a new online comics service under subscription that will be available globally throughout 2021

DC Comics is a publisher that, since the 30s of the last century, has been publishing some of the most popular characters in the world of comics: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Arrow ...

Let's add to that that, in recent years, she has also been known for publishing titles that have led to successful television and film adaptations such as 'Watchmen', 'iZombie', 'Preacher' or 'V for Vendeta'.

This Thursday, he announced the launch of a new subscription digital comics service called DC Universe Infinite, which comes to replace the pre-existing platform DC Universe (Your old users have been automatically moved to the new service).

We are, in short, before a launch with which DC trusts change the rules of the comics industry, as Netflix did before with the cinema.

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An extensive catalog that, in a few months, will be available outside the US.

Its catalog includes more than 25,000 comics, not only from the traditional DC universe, but also from other publishing labels such as DC Black Label, Vertigo and Milestone Media. Subscribers may download any of the titles in this catalog using the official applications, which will allow download the comics to your devices for offline viewing.

The application will offer the option to create custom lists of favorite publications and, according to DC, will offer an "improved comic reader" that will guarantee the usability of the format, reducing for example the 'lag' in the page turns.

Most of the publisher's printed collections will be accessible on this digital platform 6 months after its launch in stores, although in the case of certain titles grouped under the label 'Digital First' the wait will be only 3 months.

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And, finally, the platform will launch certain titles that will be exclusively available in DC Universe Infinite, with no printed equivalent.

The bad news is that, for now, access to this platform is restricted to users from the United States, who will be able to subscribe for $ 7.99 per month or by taking advantage of the annual fee of $ 74.99. The correct? Who have already announced their intention to expand to the rest of the world throughout this year.

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