The police detain a youtuber in Andorra for an alleged pyramid scam with courses on cryptocurrencies

Youtube and Andorra have been two of the trend words this week in terms of information. First because of El Rubius' decision to move to the neighboring country alleging tax payment issues. And now both terms come together again in a news item: Gonzalo Sapiña, an influencer in both the Google social network and Instagram, has been arrested in the neighboring country accused of fraud through the GNZ Academy company, along with five other people.

As published by the Diari d'Andorra, this company that offers currency services and sells virtual courses to teach how to invest in the market has been accused by a pyramid scam.

In investigations and arrests Europol has also participated (European Police Office), together with the Mossos d'Esquadra, the Andorran Police and the Civil Guard. The Mossos published on their Twitter that the six people arrested are "allegedly involved in a cryptocurrency scam amounting to 70,000 euros. High-end vehicles and electronic devices are located in the records. ”Among the cryptocurrencies intercepted by the authorities were Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and OmiseGo.

Online courses to invest with "few results"


Gonzalo Sapiña is accused of different crimes: illegal financial activity, fraud, illicit association and money laundering. Also the other people who were in charge of promoting GNZ Academy courses on social networks face these charges. According to investigations, people recruited by the academy through the courses offered by Trading were scammed.

The youtuber's company had received criticism from users for the poor quality of their courses and the few results that were obtained. Also websites about brokers have published articles asking users to be careful with this firm.

The influencer, who presents himself as an expert in online marketing, became known in Spain thanks precisely to the Internet. On the Web he promoted an idea brought from Italy: pending coffee. Consisted of leave paid coffee in bars so that people without resources could pass to take them whenever they want.

A few days ago, Sapiña had been provisionally released after an arrest. The influencer made a video saying that it was all a "little confusion".