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The Pixel 2 will stop having unlimited storage and original quality in Google Photos on January 16

It was in November 2020 when news caused a profound impact: Google Photos would stop offering free and unlimited storage. A step that supposed and supposes, a change in the way in which many of us access photos taken with the mobile, either with Android and to a lesser extent with iOS. However, that expiration is anticipated for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3.

From that moment, the doubts about knowing what was the space that our memories occupied in Google Photos or knowing how much remains before exhausting that space were common currency. And of course, alternatives to the Google service also appeared, as often happens. And while, in between, The Pixel 2 and Pixel are the first to be harmed.

The beginning of the end

Pixel 2 and Pixel 3

Google has already confirmed that future Pixel-branded phones will not have unlimited storage in Google Photos. And of those that exist, the term to be able to use this service runs out. January 16 for Pixel 2 and January 31 for Pixel 3.

How to download all your Photos from Google Photos

Google Photos offers offered an equally enticing and enticing possibility: the ability to back up to Google Photos of each photo and video taken with the mobile and in original quality. This is something that in less than 24 hours will be impossible on the Pixel 2.

It is not something new, since Google has already set its expiration date to the original quality copies through Google Photos for the Pixels and in fact, future models will not have this option. And in the present case, on January 16 the photos taken with the Pixel 2 will no longer be able to be stored unlimitedly with original quality. From that moment, they will stop to occupy space in Google Drive.

"Photos and videos uploaded in original quality count toward your Google account storage. Each account comes with 15GB of free storage and you can buy more on Google One."

As of this date, Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL owners must use "High Quality" storage and advise: "Photos or videos will not be changed to High Quality if you have uploaded them with" a Pixel or Pixel 2 or 3 during the original quality offer period.

"You get unlimited free storage in original quality for all photos and videos uploaded to Google Photos from Pixel 2 until January 16, 2021. Photos and videos uploaded on or before that date will remain free in original quality. After January 16, 2021 January 2021, new high-quality photos and videos will be uploaded for free. Uploading new photos and videos in original quality will be deducted from your storage quota. "

In the case of the Pixel 3, this date is still extended a few days, until January 31, 2021, so you still have time to find an alternative or, if necessary, to download all the content from Google Photos.

And is that this model is the last to access this "offer", since later models must settle for high quality photos. Also remember something that we have already seen and that is that from June the free and unlimited storage ends.

Via | 9to5Google