The PDF of the censored contract for EU and AstraZeneca vaccines mistakenly reveals much of the information

The European Union made public a few hours ago a PDF document of the contract you had signed with the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca for the purchase of millions of doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

Outrage quickly spread on social media: large portions of the document (the most relevant, of course) they were heavily censored, in such a way that on some pages a couple of words could hardly be read.

If the publication of the document was intended to be a transparency exercise on the part of the community administration, the truth is that it left a lot to be desired.

But - ah! - we had an unexpected ally: computer clumsiness of one of those responsible for its dissemination (European Commission official? AstraZeneca employee?).

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"I'll fix this for you in a moment with the Acrobat ..."

It turns out that if we opened the PDF in question with a reader that show document bookmarks (i.e. practically anyone), much of the censored text became visiblee without major problem. As a sample, a button:


We pixelate it because we don't want to receive a visit from Europol.

Once this has been made public, the European Union has replaced the online document with another, now yes, lacking markers. However, since it has been hanging for several hours, this is not preventing the first version from being disseminated on networks.

That said, the truth is that AstraZeneca and the EU have applied the broad brush when it comes to censoring the text, even hiding data that had previously been disseminated without major problem.

An example of this would be the total price of the contract, 870 million euros according to the accidentally revealed text ... a figure that is equivalent to the multiplication of the 300 million doses purchased by their individual price of 2.9 euros (yes, both data were already public).