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the new approach that a Facebook executive calls for in an internal document

Andrew Bosworth, vice president of augmented and virtual reality at Facebook, wrote a couple of weeks ago an internal letter among the workers of the social network talking about how privacy has to be much more important from now on than it is so far inside the Menlo Park offices. Specifically, the statement states that "the way we have operated for a long time it is no longer the best way to serve those who use our products".

In the internal letter titled as "The Big Shift" or "The great change", which was made public by One Zero, Bosworth asks Facebook employees to prioritize privacy when creating products or services, even if this implies a certain deterioration in the user experience.

Why does Bosworth (known as Boz) think this approach is better for Facebook? Because, according to his writing, public expectations of privacy are changing, which means that the old Facebook approach no longer works. "The global sentiment (regarding privacy) has changed to such an extent that people prefer to accept sacrifices in the quality of a product."

Microsoft and its journey to security can inspire Facebook

In his statement, Boz recalled his experience at Microsoft in the early 2000s (the vice president of augmented reality has been with Facebook since 2006), when many people did not trust the Windows signature for "being prone to viruses" which gave him a bad name.

The manager believes that the experience of how Microsoft managed to overcome this stumbling block in its reputation and being now considered a very safe company should serve as inspiration for the social network. The goal that this company should pursue is to become "the undisputed leader in delivering privacy-aware software."

The mega-guide to privacy and security on Facebook

2020 was a critical year for Facebook with the issue of privacy

At the beginning of 2020 we remembered how Mark Zuckerberg had said in 2019 his phrase "the future is private". That phrase was a complete surprise to come from the CEO of Facebook, a company that makes money thanks to the absence of privacy and for colliding head-on with a previous message from the same CEO, who in 2010 thought that "the era privacy was over. "

However, The year that just ended left us a long list of demands imposed on the social network precisely because of this issue, which goes through the multimillion-dollar demands of the FTC (United States Federal Trade Commission, created to control market practices that go against free competition).

With 15 years of experience at Facebook, Bosworth is already a veteran of the business and this is not the first internal statement that he puts out about the general culture that the brand should develop. Do not forget that your division is working on innovative technological products like smart glasses, which could raise questions among privacy advocates.

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