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the first big figure "comparable" to classic TV

For a long time, as audience records were set on platforms like Twitch or YouTube, we have tended to do comparisons between these figures and those of traditional television. It happened, for example, with the figures of the Ibai chimes.

For various reasons, it has always been a wrong comparison, but something happened last night whose figures can be compared from you to you with many of those harvested on television in moments of great audience: the Spanish streamer TheGrefg reaped the record of concurrent on Twitch with 246 million simultaneous viewers by presenting his skin from 'Fortnite'.

But it does not stop there: at the end of the broadcast, the streamer shared that he had achieved a total audience of 5.10 million viewers, which can be increased "deferred".

TheGrefg and Fortnite, the perfect cocktail

Skin Fortnite Thegrefg

Yesterday was not an ordinary day for Twitch. TheGrefg, the Spanish streamer who is far from being the most followed on the platform, since Rubius himself gets several million in Spain, I already had the record for maximum simultaneous views. It happened on December 2, with 639,000 viewers on December 2.

On that occasion, it was also about something important to his audience, the final Galactus event in Fortnite. What happened yesterday, however, marked a before and after for him, exceeding the December figure by almost four times. Few in the world can boast of having a skin own 'Fortnite', something that only eight other people have achieved.

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Overall, Twitch's growth in 2020 has been impressive. The platform provided 17 billion hours viewed during the period, almost doubling the 9 billion in 2019. The site is is becoming an increasingly generalist place outside the gaming, with people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez getting a lot of audience. Playing 'Among Us', yes.

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