these smartphones throw their price, but only for a limited time

The 5 essential applications on my smartphone

These applications cannot be missing from my mobile, I use them every day.

Analyzing smartphones means changing devices every few days. The ritual is always the same, the two mobiles on the table, the search for the "little pinch" to access the SIM card and the subsequent ignition and initial configuration.

When the new device is ready, I download those applications that I consider essential, those that I need in my day to day. These are the 5 apps I always install when setting up a new smartphone.

These are all the news that come with the new Nova Launcher update

Nova Launcher continues to be one of the benchmarks in personalization.


Spotify for Android

Spotify is the most widely used music streaming service.

I listen to a lot of music throughout the day, also podcasts. In Spotify you have both in the same application, with a nice interface and a huge amount of content. The free version can be a bit frustrating, but if you really take advantage of it, it is worth opting for one of the premium plans.


I wrote an article focused on this application to control your expenses. Definitely, we are talking about a very complete application, simple to use and with a very attractive design. Its free version has pretty much everything you need, but you can always take a look at its premium features if you're looking for something more.


SofaScore App

It has a nice and simple design.

A simple, hassle-free application that allows me to follow all sports results. It has a great variety of modalities, soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, volleyball, handball, futsal, motor sports, darts and even cricket. Further, you will have the possibility to mark your favorite athletes and teams as favorites to be informed at all times.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher for Android

It is still one of the best launchers for Android.

Yes, I am one of those who continue to use launchers. I've tried many different ones, but I always end up coming back to Nova Launcher. It works very well and its options allow me to “accommodate” my device in the best possible way. I'm not looking for hundreds of different options, just a launcher with which to achieve a simple aesthetic and fluid performance.


Google Keep on Android and other productivity apps

Keep is a useful notes and reminders app with a simple interface.

The Google notes application is another of my essentials. When I need to write down something, be it the shopping list or a task that I must remember, I go to Google Keep. In addition, it has a simple design that makes everything very easy, nothing gets in the way, the most important thing here are my notes. You will have at your disposal several options, not just text, you can add photos, create checklists… etc.