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Telegram blocks numerous channels related to white supremacism for inciting violence

Follow the blockades of Internet companies / big technology to everything they relate to violence. In today's chapter, Telegram, an instant messaging platform that is experiencing skyrocketing growth, has confirmed to TechCrunch that it has blocked dozens of channels in the last day, which is equivalent to their elimination.

These channels, according to Pavel Durov's service, were linked to accounts that they believe were inciting violence: "We have blocked dozens of public channels that published calls to violence for thousands of subscribers." One of those channels, for example, had 10,000 followers, a Nazi flag as an icon and the slogan "you can't kill an idea".

Telegram links it to white supremacism


When asked if the events are related to the assault on the Capitol a week ago, the company has only mentioned that "they will examine all the reports" while monitoring the situation. But they have confirmed that in some of the blocked accounts previously seen white supremacism, Nazi iconography and more.

Faced with the wave of blockades, as occurs with groups of unauthorized downloads, many channels began to announce that they had groups and channels backup in case their account was blocked. It must be said that although these days all attention is focused on what is happening in the United States, Telegram has long been blocking channels that incite violence from, for example, ISIS, although those involved always found a way to communicate Your message.

However, Telegram has also received criticism for not acting for years on these other types of channels, which perhaps until the events of last week have had more freedom of movement. Of course, few had been the technology companies that had acted so sharply against violence as these days.

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It is interesting to remember that, even if communications are end-to-end encrypted, as in WhatsApp, Comments inciting violence can be reported to companies using their reporting tools, with which the complainant reports the text that has been recently sent in the conversation.

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