Telegram already offers the option to import our conversations from WhatsApp and other apps: this is how it is done

Telegram has just released version 7.4 of its app for iOS (not yet available for Android), and its users will be able to verify that, among the new features included in it, a quite relevant one appears:

"Transfer your chat history from other apps like WhatsApp, Line and KakaoTalk to Telegram."

That's right: from now on, we will have the possibility of gather in the same app all the conversations we have had with the same contact, which in turn will remove one of the obstacles that deterred many users from abandoning WhatsApp in favor of Telegram.

How to export a WhatsApp conversation to Telegram?

The way to export messages between apps is very simple:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the conversation you want to take to Telegram.

  2. Click on 'Export conversation', select Telegram and then the target conversation.

  3. Accept import of messages on Telegram.

Telegram Whatsapp

The three steps of the process.

Once this is done, all new messages will be marked as imported, and your interlocutor will receive a message from "x messages forwarded".

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Interestingly, we have been able to verify that the destination user does not need to match the source user, so if you want you can send the history of your conversations with one person to the conversation that you have with another totally different person (if that is useful to you).