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TCL Announces It Will Bring Google TV To Its New 2021 TVs

When Google launched the new Chromecast a few months ago the company announced that Google tv would reach the first televisions in 2021, and until today it was only confirmed that Sony would bet the successor of Android TV in its next range of televisions.

Now we know the name of the second partner who also bets on Google tv, And it is TCL, which in addition to presenting its new TCL 20 SE and TCL 20 5G mobiles, the new TCL Tab 10S and TCL NXTPAPER tablets, the immersive TCL Wearable Display glasses and its roll-up screens, the Chinese multinational has also advanced some of the news that await us in your next televisions.

TCL with Google TV

In addition to introducing five new televisions, TCL has taken advantage of its CES 2021 conference to advance that during this 2021 they will launch your first television with Google TV, without announcing at the moment any new model or dates.

How to install the new Google TV interface on an Android TV

During the conference TCL has confirmed that its first television with Google TV will come out first for sale in the United States to later reach other regions, something that is already common in the brand.

Tcl Google Tv

TCL has been betting on Android TV, so it was to be expected that they would also bet on Google tv, which is nothing more than the redesign and rebranding of Android TV under a new experience focused on content of the main streaming services.


It is expected that all the partners that bet on Android TV, such as Philips, Xiaomi, Sharp, Nokia or Nvidia will also make the leap to Google TV. What's more, some current models are expected to upgrade to Google TV later this year when they start receiving Android 10 or Android 11.

Via | Engadget