Surprise! Here are the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro on video ahead of time

The Galaxy S21 are just around the corner and will arrive well accompanied by the Galaxy Buds Pro ... What are you waiting for to see them on video?

A few days ago we told you about the busy January that Samsung had prepared for us, starting with "The future of screens" this very Wednesday, although without a doubt the highlight will be Unpacked 2021 on 01/14 where we will meet the new Galaxy S21.

They will be the next standard bearers of the Samsung smartphone catalog, and they have leaked so much that there are hardly any secrets left, not even the provision of an S-Pen that abandons the exclusivity of the models 'Note' for the first time anticipating Very important news in some more ambitious Galaxy S never.

In fact, it is that Samsung will have practically no surprise to teach us, and that is that we did not know anything about new wireless headphones, for example, until today we have seen the first video review of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro in Youtube… More headphones, Samsung?

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, leaked on video

Samsung's new 'premium' wireless headphones, analyzed on video ahead of time.

New members of the Galaxy Buds family, now with last names 'Pro'

After trying that bean-shaped design of the Galaxy Buds Live, which the truth is that I use daily for its extreme comfort, Samsung returns to the more traditional cut wireless headphones with these Galaxy Buds Pro that youtuber Digital Slang shows us in great detail in the video that we leave you below.

The form factor is known and the materials are also dragged from the Live Buds, so we'll see a small and rather square transport box, compatible with wireless charging and vertical opening.

For its part, the headphones are made of good quality polycarbonate, with that finish glossy so prone to fingerprints on the outside and now a more classic internal part that seeks to isolate as much as possible the ear canal avoiding outside noise.

In fact, it is that the Galaxy Buds Pro have active noise cancellation and maintain touch controls, with a customization and configuration and integration capabilities thanks to Galaxy Wearable that Digital Slang himself - who got the Buds Pro from a seller on Facebook - praises in his videoreview after using them for 24 hours.

He also tells us that improve autonomy, and that their sound is very good being in this case similar to those of previous Samsung headphones tuned by AKG, with a good noise cancellation experience and a transparency mode capable of allowing us to hear the outside world which works, according to him, worse than on Apple's AirPods Pro.

No more details are known about these headphones that are leaked for the first time a few days after their presentation, and it seems clear that Samsung wants to provide the Galaxy S21 with a good ecosystem of accessories, with new cases that include holes for the external S-Pen, new headphones and also the Galaxy Smart Tag to track and position things in an instant ... We will have to remain vigilant!