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Some users are "hacking" the Xiaomi website to get free chargers

It only happens in China, but you see that even these things happen to giants ... And also outside of Spain, where picaresque is tradition!

After laughing at Apple for its decision to remove the charger included with the iPhone 12 in that stream 'eco friendly' to which everyone signs up now, The truth is that we already saw how Xiaomi also eliminated the charger in the sales packages of the new and spectacular Mi 11, although with the small mouth and offering it free separately.

The market response was logical and has been expected, since the Xiaomi Mi 11 sold 350,000 units in 5 minutes in China, but only 6% of them were sold without the GaN-type charger and 55 W of power, such an interesting accessory that some have even bought for less than 1 yuan taking advantage of a Hack in the buying process.

And yes, friends, as the colleagues from GizmoChina told us, these things not only happen in Spain, the country of the picaresque, and the Internet is a jungle where If something isn't bomb-proof, someone will surely find the back door To take advantage of the error, in this case acquiring a high-power USB-C charger almost as a gift.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 box

This is the 'eco-friendly' box of the new Xiaomi Mi 11, without a charger inside.

Buyers of the Mi 11 in China find a way to get the 55W GaN charger for just a penny

Apparently, everything is given by the reservation mode that Xiaomi uses in your online store when purchasing the Special Set Edition from Wed 11, since smartphone and charger are added to the order independently, making the discounts in the final calculation.

So it has been easy for buyers to see how the Xiaomi GaN charger of 55 W and that costs 99 yuan, about 12.50 euros, is discounted separately up to a cost of 0.01 yuan, or what is the same, 0.0013 euros at the current exchange rate, and it does so as an independent article not linked to the purchase of the mobile.

Thus, when acquiring the Set Edition from Mi 11, users can return the smartphone without any problem keeping the charger almost free, it will have cost you only one cent of a yuan, and Xiaomi reimburses them the price of the Mi 11 without claiming the accessory.

Purchase of the XIaomi Mi 11 plus charger in China

The "crime" evidence, with the 55W GaN charger for a penny.

Since the terminal just came out and was one of the most anticipated in China in recent times, after the success of the Mi 10 Ultra, the truth is that we do not believe that many users have decided to take advantage, especially taking into account how difficult it is to get a Xiaomi in these first batches that are sold out in minutes.

In any case there is that, the Mi 11 is listed in the invoices of the orders of the Set Edition at 4,298.99 yuan, while the charger does it for 0.01 yuan, leading to this possible picaresque that probably Xiaomi fixes very fast reimbursing only 4,200 yuan whoever does not also return the 55 W GaN charger.

At the very least, it is certainly curious to see that these things also happen in Asian countries where the culture is much more respectful of the rules, isn't it?

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