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Slopes, the application to monitor our progress in the snow, is now available on Android

Despite the pandemic that grips us, there are a large number of ski resorts where practice winter sports. With the appropriate precautions, snow fans can enjoy their favorite sport and use applications such as Slopes, a sports app that is now debuting on Android.

Slopes makes the leap from iOS, where it was already present, and now it reaches the green robot ecosystem. And he does it to serve as helps skiers by displaying information on the ski resorts but also as a database in which to store the sports days.

Monitoring progress in the snow


And is that one of the strengths of Slopes are the statistics that are obtained in each descent, with the possibility of playing them from the phone. At all times, when we want to record a descent or any other practice, the app collects statistics such as maximum and average speeds, time, distance ...

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In addition, since it uses GPS to follow routes, it has a function to mitigate battery consumption so that GPS pauses when the app detects that we are not skiing, which is what can happen while using a lift or queuing.


Slopes has hardly any social component, although it does allow you to share your achievements on other social networks. And to know our progress has private leaderboards where you can compare the results with your friends.

In addition, and to avoid scares and unforeseen events, it offers information ranging from the emergency number at each station to data and updates regarding the conditions at each station based on the data of other users, something like a Social Drive but from the snow

Slopes is a free app, but it also has a premium subscription that eliminates the restrictions on the number of descents, adds advanced satellite views and other interesting functions such as interactive 3D maps where you can reproduce your races directly on the phone. The subscription is priced at 4.99 euros per day or 24.99 dollars per year, also finding a weekly plan for 14.99 euros per year.

Via | Android Police