Samsung has created the best headphone case ever

These Samsung cases for your headphones mimic the look of legendary phones

As we have already said on more than one occasion, wireless headphones are the most popular accessories that we can acquire to keep our smartphones company.

They are comfortable to have no cables, elegant and their sound quality more than outstanding to the point that there are few people we see on the street with conventional headphones.

Wireless headphones there are many and of different prices. Some more expensive like AirPods, others with more content prices like Huawei FreeBuds Pro but of great quality and others much cheaper like those of Xiaomi or realme brands.

Of course, if you want to have the best headphone case ever created, be careful with what Samsung has just presented because it will leave you completely in love.

This is the headphone case that you are going to want yes or yes

Galaxy Buds Pro Headphone Case

Headphone or mobile phone case?

Days after Samsung showed us in society its new Samsung Galaxy S21 terminals and with which it wants to repeat the success obtained with its predecessors, It seems that the firm also wants to grow in the market for wireless headphones.

Almost half of the bluetooth headphones sold today are from Apple or Xiaomi but Samsung also wants its piece of cake thanks to its Galaxy Buds Pro, and for this it has presented a new line of accessories for these headphones and that honestly, they will delight all old people or lovers of vintage.

These are charging cases in the form of a retro mobile with a lid that, in addition to protecting the headphones, gives them a unique and inimitable look. Because there are headphone cases kicks but actually none are as cool and cool as these from the South Korean firm.

As Gizmodo reports, this is a pair of covers that They imitate the shape of the legendary Samsung Anycall T100 and Anycall E700 mobiles. Unfortunately –and for now– both cases are only available in South Korea and cost around $ 30 which, although it is quite a lot of money for a headphone case, the truth is that if it is sold in our country, surely many of we couldn't resist buying them. Damn nostalgia!